For the implementation of Law, several disciplinary and ministerial decrees have been issued which define the technical legislation to assess the asbestos risk and the remediation procedures to be adopted. To assess the risk of asbestos, it is not enough to know how to recognize asbestos or eternity, but these two operations must be performed. For asbestos removal Surrey service this is important.

Visual inspection: a visual analysis of the material containing asbestos. The type and condition of the materials, the factors of possible damage, degradation, and diffusion of the fibers, and the relative exposure of the individuals are evaluated.

Environmental monitoring: an analysis of the airborne fibers is made compared with the limit values ​​foreseen.

Friable asbestos: reclamation obligation

The risk assessment identifies interventions based on the category of material being inspected:

Undamaged materials not susceptible to damage: It is not necessary to make a clean-up, but there is an obligation to prepare a periodic inspection and maintenance program in order to keep the materials in good condition. In the case of building work, the execution must avoid the release of fibers or cause damage to the material.

Undamaged materials susceptible to damage: In this case, there is an obligation to carry out interventions to prevent damage to the material with asbestos to avoid the release of fibers. The periodic inspection and maintenance program must also be defined. In this case, asbestos removal should be carried out.

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Damaged materials: if the area is not extended, you can proceed as in the previous case. But if the area is extensive or if it is friable asbestos, the immediate action of asbestos removal is necessary.

The law obliges the owners of the buildings to notify the ASL of the presence of friable asbestos. In the case of compact and undamaged asbestos, the periodic inspection and maintenance program is sufficient. L and ASL must establish a register with the location of the buildings where asbestos is present. In the case of omission of the communication, there is the risk of an administrative fine of over 2 thousand dollars.

Obligations of the condominium administrator for asbestos

The condominium administrator must comply with legal obligations regarding asbestos. In particular, it must refer to the Consolidated Law on health and safety in the workplace also as an employer in the case of the concierge of the condominium or similar.

The obligations of the condominium administrator are:

  • Census and mapping of possible areas with asbestos in common areas with the support of a qualified technician.
  • Communication to condominiums of the presence of asbestos in the building.

Risk assessment to analyze the presence of:

Friable asbestos must be communicated to the ASL where it is present, and then the asbestos reclamation of the common part of the condominium must be carried out.

Compact and undamaged asbestos must provide a periodic asbestos control and maintenance program for the area.

The asbestos census is a legal requirement for the administrator or for the owner for private houses. He must not ask for permission from the condominium. In the case of friable asbestos, if not communicating to the ASL, it is subject to an administrative penalty ranging from around $ 2,500 to just over $ 5,000. If the asbestos removal is to be done through specialized companies, the administrator must always ask the ASL for authorization to proceed.