Autism can be controlled by a sensory diet . Autism affects the kid’s five senses and they may not be able to respond to their senses at a proper time, yet they can respond to one sense to which they appeal most. It can be treated through the Sensory diet. It is a treatment that makes autistic child help them in responding to their senses by giving regular physical activities which help them to respond to their senses. Here the Diet is followed not in food but in engaging them to do some work to break through the silence or the calmness that makes them sit idle, even if they are sluggish they can be revived by this treatment. The occupational therapist does these practices to make the child respond to their activities first after getting success in their therapy, those children can able to shine in school while acquiring additional skills and social mingling with other students. It creates self-awareness among the children and they gain confidence to respond to their senses. Not only the therapist, parents and caretakers have to help the child to follow the sensory diet by the advice of the therapist.

Sensory Diet Activities

It can be taken from infant to adult to cure all stages of sensory issues. They first observe the child choose a type of sensory input which they need, then they prepare a chart for doing the activities to engage them for a whole day. If the parents co-operate with their treatment the output will be effective to reach the goal in a short period.

sensory diet

School-Age Kids

Jumping activity helps them to refresh or they can play hopscotch. Next is that push and pull activity. Asking them to carry books from one room to another to arrange them in order, makes them engage in an activity of household work such as cleaning the windows, tables, chairs and taking out the laundry from washing machines. If they are pre-schoolers they may ask to swing on a playground too and fro motion and also side to side motion. Making them running in a circle and doing the movements of an aeroplane as a sport will help them to respond to their senses. Spin in amusement parks helps to engage them to senses. Involving them to play in sands, filling the empty bottles with different materials to understand the names and varieties, giving them a brush and asking them to paint for a different picture and showing them different dresses of wearing from king to the yeoman. Asking them to walk barefoot in grasses and mud to gain strength from the earth. Gardening will help them to engage in mud activities. To make them respond to the visual sense by showing them bright coloured objects in patterns to make it clear in arranging them in patterns. If they are disturbed by some colours, avoid it and switch them to some other colour that they like the most. Giving them different fragrance to smell it and identify the exact fragrance in which the product is made of. For example, people can use rose scent and vanilla scent to enjoy it and even shampoos and detergent may use to show the different smelling to induce them.