The canister vacuum cleaner is preferred by mainly the commercial facilities (hotel, restaurants, offices, etc.) due to its easy maintenance feature and robust cleaning performance. It is visually distinct from a backpack or upright vacuums, and the operational procedure is different too. It has a canister or cylinder, in which there is a large motor for better suction capacity. The dust bag is connected to an extended wand and a suction hose is fitted at the end of that wand. There are wheels on a canister vacuum and the cylinder is mounted on them, so that the vacuum cleaner can be moved around all over the facility, from one room to another or around upstairs and downstairs, more easily.

Now, if you have already decided to ditch that upright one you have already and want a bagged canister vacuum or want to try that best bagless canister vacuum cleaner – we are here to help. Today we will discuss why a canister vacuum cleaner would be a better option for you if you have a larger facility to clean (that doesn’t mean the smaller places have no use of them) than those upright or backpack vacuum cleaners. We will also tell you about two different types of canister vacuums, such as bagged and bagless, so that you know which one you should buy depending on your need.

The canister vacuum is usually more popular in Asian countries, such as China or India. A recent market survey reveals that around 95% of total vacuum cleaner sales can be credited to the canister vacuums only, such dominant they are in India, which is probably the second largest consumer appliance market in the world after only China.

Canister vacuums are portable and lightweight; hence they are easy to manage. No matter if you’re responsible for a cleaning job in a commercial place, or maybe just in your home for everyday usage, these canister ones are absolutely no-brainer. It is great to use on any surface like hardwood floors, marble floors, concrete floors, staircases, those padded sofa sets, cushioned chairs, curtains, etc.

best bagless canister vacuum

Canisters are the best choice than any other type of vacuums specifically when it comes to tricky and narrow places such as underneath of the bed, wardrobe or sofa set.

You will find various accessories, attachment tools and extension tools for your canister vacuum cleaner, and you can select which ones you need based on your particular requirement. Like, if you need to clean upholsteries like cushioned chairs or sofa sets, etc. – you’ll find perfect attachment to do that. And if you need the vacuum to reach tricky and narrow places to clean, you will find the attachment for that purpose too. Versatility is one of the main features of any canister vacuum.

Bagged or bagless, which canister would serve you better?

Bagged and bagless canisters have different advantages and disadvantages. Canister vacuums which come with transparent bin are the bagless ones and those which come with an attached sealed bag to contain all the dust and debris, are the bagged canisters. The advantage of using a bagged canister is that dirt and debris won’t leak out in the air while vacuuming or disposing of. But the bagless canister vacuums are less expensive to maintain (they don’t need bag replacement) and you can see through the transparent bin that what’s getting sucked into.