homes for sale in Denver CO

You will entrust the sale of your house to a real estate agency? You have every reason to believe that the sale will take place in the best conditions. But remember to ask the real estate agent a few questions. The use for the homes for sale in Denver CO this is important.

  1. What method does he use to evaluate the price of housing?

Selling your apartment by the agency will make your life easier, but if you use several real estate agents to estimate the selling price of your home, you may find that the amount may vary from one to the other. You will not get single-to-double results, but there are small variations. It is therefore important that you ask the real estate agent what method he uses to make his estimates, what criteria he takes into account, and what his knowledge of the real estate market in your town or in your neighborhood.

  1. What are the means of communication of the agency?

Once you have signed the mandate for the sale of your home with an agency, the latter will have to undertake to communicate on the sale of your property to promote the sale. For that, it will use some levers and some supports, and it is essential that you know which ones. You are therefore entitled to ask if the announcement of the sale of your property will be posted on the front of the agency, for example. In addition, you can ask him if he intends to publish ads on specialized sites such as, which have certain notoriety and good visibility with buyers.

  1. Does the agency have “stock” clients interested in your housing?

This is the essential question of how to choose a real estate agency to sell your home! Indeed, real estate agents meet buyers every day, so they know if the demand is important for this or that type of real estate. When contacted by buyers, they keep their contact information as long as they have not found the property that corresponds to them, to remind them if a mandate comes in for a property that may suit them. Do not hesitate to ask the real estate agent if he counts among his contacts, people looking for a property that meets the criteria of the one you sell, you will then have an idea of ​​the demand in the sector.

  1. Who is responsible for selling your house to the agency?

You must ask the real estate agent who will be in charge of the visits, to know if it will be a person who has all the knowledge about the property. The real estate agent with whom you are going to sign the mandate certainly works with collaborators, so you can definitely ask to meet with them and talk to them to make sure that the speech they will give to the buyers is exactly what you want.

  1. What is the fee amount of the agency?

This is obviously a legitimate question that you are entitled to ask the real estate agent, because the number of fees may vary from one agency to another. But be vigilant about fees, because some real estate agents may include the realization of real estate diagnostics for example. In this case, part of the commission will be used to settle the technician who made the diagnoses. Others offer a lower fee, but you will need to pay the diagnostic fees separately. So remember to ask the real estate agent what includes his commission.