Sometimes we are faced with the question of which car is better to buy: new or used. It is often said that a new car is a huge investment and an instant loss of value, while a used one is a waste of money and personal time for repairs. But is a used car so bad as they say about it? Or maybe buying a used car will be a justifiable acquisition? In the article, we will try to answer which is better a new car or a used one? With the exotic car hacks case study you can find the solutions now.

What statistics say about buying a new car or used

The world-famous mechanical engineer Henry Ford is the author of the phrase that the best car is a new one. In this expression of Ford, you can see commercial overtones, because he was engaged in the manufacture and sale of new cars. This is the reason for the praise of a new car.

But with this statement, it is really difficult to argue. A car that just got off the assembly line looks better and breaks less. Such a machine can have only one minus – it will cost more. It is because of the high price that many drivers purchase used cars. Buying a used car, they can list the reasons why such a car is much better than new.

  • The portal conducted a sociological survey on this topic. According to its results, one can judge the following: it turned out that only 18% of the number of motorists surveyed, and there were more than 30 thousand, bought a used car. However, 45% of drivers do not regret their decision to buy a new car.
  • Attention was drawn to the fact that approximately 30% of respondents replied that they purchased a used car and in the future encountered great difficulties in its operation.

Excluding further car costs, it is more preferable to purchase a new car, refusing to buy a used one. But car market statistics indicate the opposite. For example, in the period from 2010 to 2013, a large percentage of sales of used cars was recorded. For 3 years, the sale of used cars has increased 1.5 times and reached a value of 5.6 million units. Their implementation has increased today, which can be explained by the lack of economic stability in the country and a decrease in the income level of the population.

But the car market is also experiencing serious difficulties associated with low sales. If you draw parallels with the years when the economic crisis has not yet arrived, you can see that motorists then bought cars twice as often as they do now. And this drop in sales directly affected the revenue of official dealers, which decreased significantly.

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The high price is one of the main disadvantages of the new car. This applies to the purchase itself, and further operation. But these points may be obscured by its potential reliability. In this case, you will be sure that you are giving money for reasonable quality.


The new car is more reliable than the used one. Malfunctions do not occur too often if you operate the car in accordance with the requirements of the passenger compartment and pass technical inspections on time. Spare parts in the car you just bought are brand new and original. The machine was assembled at the factory by professionals, following the installation instructions. This is credible and does not raise concerns about build quality.