When buying an electrical appliance, it is essential to compare the energy labels and choose the model that is best rated. A +, A ++ and A +++ are the best marks that can be awarded. Each appliance has this information, which is very useful for identifying those who consume the least. For the Reliant Energy options now you can find the best deals.

Change the bulbs and install economical models

In each room, lighting occupies a significant part of the energy budget. By replacing your old bulbs with LED versions, you are sure to reduce your electricity bill.

Perform an energy balance

The energy balance is a service of Total Direct Energy which will allow you to save electricity. Indeed, after a short questionnaire, you will be informed of the different ways to reduce your electricity bill. Insulation work, installation of less energy-consuming devices there are many solutions to reduce your energy costs. Thanks to the energy balance you will get all the information necessary to make your accommodation more economical.

Subscribe to a Total Direct Energy offer

Reliant Energy

At Total Direct energy, the proposed electricity offers allow you to reduce your electricity bill by up to 10% each year. In fact, less expensive than the regulated prices, the Green, Classic and Online offers from Total Direct energy can lower your energy bill. In addition to the many actions to reduce your consumption, you are sure to pay less and spend less on your electricity.

Opt for cold washing

The washing machine is one of the most consuming electrical devices in the house. In most cases, clothes do not need to be washed above 40 ° C, a cold cycle is often enough to remove minor stains and bad odors. So opt for a wash at 30 ° C or lower to save electricity.

Replace old electrical devices

To reduce the electricity bill, we must invest in less energy-consuming equipment. Some household appliances over 10 years old consume a lot. To save electricity, do not hesitate to invest in less energy-consuming models. The initial investment will quickly be amortized.

Replace energy-consuming radiators

Some electric heaters require much more energy than others. Renewing your equipment and opting for economic models can reduce the electricity bill considerably.

Replace used devices

If you are still using household appliances more than 10 years old, it may be wise to replace them with new ones that are much more energy-efficient. The purchase price could be amortized against the savings in energy consumption made.

The room thermostat

It is the oldest system. This is not programmable. It only allows the set temperature to be varied. Inexpensive, the grip is instant.

Turn off the light when leaving a room

Turning off the light when leaving a room is a basic rule to save electricity. This gesture must become systematic and be taught from an early age so that children too learn to save energy.

Enjoy the daylight longer

In summer, the sun sets much later than winter. This is the perfect opportunity to continue enjoying the daylight, without turning on the lights inside. By leaving the shutters wide open in the evening, you benefit from very pleasant natural lighting.

Lower the hot water temperature

Lowering the temperature of the storage water heater is a great way to reduce your electricity bill. Indeed, a few degrees less help to save electricity, and this without reducing your comfort during the shower.