If you are one of those who are not afraid of self-expression in color, bright dresses plain or with prints an important component of the wardrobe. It’s harder with them than with, say, a little black dress when it comes to choosing accessories. But to master the techniques and basic combinations, in reality, is not so difficult. We understand and that is the reason the use of the Jerusalem Jewelry items are the bests here.

  • Solid dresses in warm colors red, pink, orange shades complement well with yellow or pink gold jewelry. The color of the stones in the jewelry will not be dictated by the color of the dress, but by the shade of your skin and eyes. The rule “red dress requires jewelry with rubies” remained in the distant Soviet past. Sapphires, emeralds, and, of course, diamonds of all colors will go to him.

For plain dresses in cold colors blue, gray, green shades choose jewelry made of white metals: white gold, platinum, silver. How to choose jewelry for a dress Jewelry with pearls and mother of pearl will also look advantageous with them. Choosing accessories for a multi-color dress or a dress with prints is the most difficult. And the mirror will not always give you the correct answer. Try to take a photo and see from the side how certain decorations are combined with the pattern and shades of the dress. Do not try to get into the picture or just in color.

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On the contrary

Perhaps a dress with green and white patterns, for example, will harmoniously complement the decoration with blue or red stones. For dresses with a clear geometric pattern (stripes, peas, abstractions), choose minimalistic jewelry in the appropriate style, as well as jewelry of rigid forms, for example, bracelets. Aerobatics is the right choice of jewelry for a dress with a floral pattern.

Choose touching, feminine, romantic jewelry, either repeating the flower’s drawing in shape and silhouette or supplementing thematically: butterflies, dragonflies, petals, twigs, bugs natural motifs will be a great accent in this way.

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How to choose jewelry for a lace dress Fashion is cyclical: again and again, dresses from lace and guipure are returning to the catwalks. Silhouettes and shades change, but the fragile transparency and femininity of this noble material remain unchanged. However, not all lace dresses require the same approach to choosing jewelry. How to choose jewelry for a dress A pencil dress made of thick guipure in the classic version is often coffee or golden hues. Laconic gold jewelry with medium-sized inserts will suit this dress.


Make sure that the fabric pattern and the metal pattern do not argue with each other. This season dresses from guipure in bright colors are relevant: lilac, lemon, coral. Decorations with colored stones will successfully complement them. A black long evening lace dress, depending on the shape of the neckline, will stylishly combine with long earrings, a steward or a choker. Complete the look with a clutch and an interesting bracelet. A white lace wedding dress is a special occasion. Most often, it is complemented by pearl jewelry.