If you have a small business or a small company, you will know very well that visibility never hurts. In current times, competition is increasingly ruthless. They are there ready to fight the bloody “price war.” A few years ago your competitors were very few, now they sprout like mushrooms. In case of the custom metal signs you need to be perfect.

It almost seems to you that everyone wants to invest in your sector, you have an infinite number of ruthless competitors ready to close your company. In recent years you found yourself fighting against a small platoon of infantrymen, now the platoons have increased significantly. You are on the war front and you have to fight against the giants. Shopping centers that open, huge stores that conquer your city, new franchises that invest in your sector, and to complicate everything, the Chinese also bring with their megastores.

You have to fight on several fronts, your competition is growing more and more and sometimes it really feels like you can’t do it.

Light blue is also an obvious choice for the typical holiday; it evokes clear skies and swimming pools or inviting seas, it is also outlined as a tantalizing taste of tranquility and relaxation by slowing down the metabolism, promoting the production of feelings of calm and well-being. A truly powerful and effective message also for spas, beauty clinics and any other service where deep relaxation or therapy is a key selling point.


Yellow is clearly a lively, energetic and fun color; it is the color of the sun, flame and fire and is closely associated with the warmth, happiness and positive energy created by the flame.

  • It is used in energy drinks, sports equipment and vitamin supplements. It is also a perfect choice for promoting group recreation, club social networks.
  • From the moment it catches the eye, yellow is used as a background for large quantities of text, in particular, copies that require special attention, such as exercises, prescriptions or rules and regulations.


custom metal signs

Uncontaminated and pure white color means cleanliness, spiritual health and purity in many cultures. It is considered a non-color to which nothing has been added, making it the ideal choice for products that want to accentuate their authenticity, their non-tampering, with low fat, low sugar content, without food additives, products for the skin. White is also the classic clean color, which provides the easiest way to add a sense of uncluttered spaciousness to the print graphics.


In western culture the black color contains several negative connotations such as black magic or the black bag; but it is also very positively associated with authority, prestige and exclusivity such as an event or tie or credit card or luxury car.

  • In general, black can be used very effectively to indicate refinement and a strong sense of extreme luxury.
  • Black is by far the most common text color: it is perfect in printing, although the contrast with white often appears hard on the screen. A good tip is to use a very dark gray instead.


Orange is the combination of the colors red and yellow; it is a color that is indicative of fun, warmth and pleasure. It is therefore an excellent choice for all products related to energy and vigor, such as sports equipment or services, adventure travel, theme park excursions, energy drinks. Of all the colors, orange is also the best at stimulating the appetite: you can see it on the shelves of snacks or candies near the crates. The color is associated with the orange meaning that makes it a good choice to indicate an excellent quality/price ratio, savings and discounts.


The purple color is a fairly rare color in nature and has a characteristic that makes the color mysterious, fascinating and regal. This association with wealth and prestige makes purple, especially in its darker tones, an excellent complement for luxury items. A purple object is perceived as more luxurious than an analogous orange object.