Before going into the thick of it and explaining how the use of 3D visuals can help you sell your real estate projects, it is necessary to define the term interior 3D rendering. An interior 3D rendering is the photorealistic representation of an architectural or real estate project that is only at the sketching stage. This computer-generated image, also called 3D perspective of architecture, can represent any part of the property: entrance hall, living room, bedroom, staircase, office, commercial space. There comes Produktvisualisierung now.

Marketing Tool

A true marketing tool, the interior 3D rendering allows the prospect to accurately visualize the real estate concept and to project them. He can thus evaluate the materials that will be used, appreciate the natural luminosity or imagine the furnished spaces. The interior 3D visual allows arousing the emotion with the spectator, the key element to trigger sales. The interior 3D rendering service brings added value to your projects.

Many real estate professionals may use 3D visualization services:

  • Real estate agents,
  • Architects and interior designers,
  • Decorators and specialists in home staging,
  • Kitchen and bathroom installers,
  • Manufacturers of materials for real estate.

Indeed, each of these professionals can take advantage of the interior 3D rendering to highlight their services.

Real estate developers sell more easily on plan

The buyer of real estate is always very reluctant to buy a home on a plan. Even if the building has a sample apartment showing the materials that will be used, it will not be exactly what your client will buy. By presenting a series of interior 3D renderings of the property for sale, your client can see a virtual tour of the property. He can make an objective view of the spaces through the 3D layout of the place or appreciate the brightness or orientation.


The 3D interior perspective allows lifting the psychological brake of the buyer who is not always able to represent the real estate from plans or simple sketches.

Interior Architects: Save Time and Accelerate Decision Making

Architects or interior designers have every interest in seeking interior 3D rendering services. Like real estate developers, their clients sometimes have trouble getting a clear idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir projects. Despite sketches or plans, the simplest for a neophyte client is to judge an architectural project from photos.

In addition, when he can visualize exactly what his property will be after the architect’s intervention, the client may request modifications before the work has begun. It can thus agree with the master of work on materials, colors or general arrangements beforehand, which avoids a great loss of time for the benefit of both the architect and the client.

3D design and virtual home staging for decorators

More and more interior designers are using the interior 3D rendering service to showcase their projects. In addition to the fact that the customer can visualize and appreciate accurately the concept of decoration, the use of such a service underlines and enhances the level of prestige of the professional of the decoration.

The 3D visual creation service is therefore strongly recommended to interior designers who wish to position themselves on high-end projects: wealthy individuals, hotel projects or luxury commercial developments.

Real estate providers have an interest in using interior 3D rendering. Cooks, bathroom installers, manufacturers of materials or accessories for real estate all these professionals can use 3D visuals to highlight their concepts or their goods.