You can find stickers with various themes: animals, plants, ethnic, design, industrial, urban, travel, abstract, graphic, typographic, etc. There are also Trompe-l’oeil wall stickers and reproductions of works of art. Make a visit to and have the best solutions made.

Choose a suitable color:

The color of your sticker must match that of your furniture and walls.

If the room is already very colorful, choose a monochromatic wall sticker and respect the following rule: no more than three colors in a room. Otherwise, go for small touches and use small wall stickers.

In light-colored rooms, you can choose to keep similar tones in line with the environment or choose a color that stands out.

Which wall sticker for which room?

Here are some tips for choosing suitable stickers for different rooms in the house.

Wall decals for the living room

You can place a large rectangular sticker above the sofa, in the center, longer than the sofa to give a feeling of space. For a smaller sticker, choose a graphic and stylized element and move it to the left or right.

Do not place large panels behind the TV as this wall must remain neutral. Reasonably sized stickers can be applied at the baseboard height.

The small and serial stickers will go very well next to a lamp, in succession over a piece of furniture, near the edge of a shelf or near a radiator.

Placing a large Trompe-l’oeil sticker in a small room will ensure greater depth. Add some plants next to the sticker to improve the visual effect. You can also place words, monuments, flowers and plants from floor to ceiling, without exaggerating though.

Stickers in the kitchen

The kitchen is the most suitable place for adhesive wall lettering: words, phrases, recipes and quotes. You can cover a wall you can even renew the tiles using the stickers, or even bring some greenery with borders with plant-based wall decorations at the level of the windows.

If you have tall furniture, you can create greater visual balance by placing a square or rectangular sticker on the portion of the wall above the refrigerator or another low cabinet. If your kitchen is clean, do not distance yourself from the shades of the furniture or choose a color that contrasts.

There are specific stickers for household appliances, use the cement effect stickers to create a perfectly washable scullery wall.

Wall stickers in the master bedroom

The bedroom is an intimate and personal environment that you can customize in different ways:

You can create a headboard with a sticker. If it is rectangular or square, it is better to center it. If you choose a particular shape, it should start from one side of the bed and not be centered, but harmonious. More stickers can start from the foot of the bed and create arabesques. Don’t go all the way to the ceiling, unless you want to decorate it always diagonally.

You can choose a large format to cover an entire wall, according to the tones and style of the room. For clear walls, choose a one or two color tone sticker above.

Wall stickers in the children’s room

Wall stickers allow you to quickly and cheaply decorate a child’s room. The furnishings may change according to age and tastes. Do not glue all the stickers at the same height. For a child, use phosphorescent wall stickers (moons, stars) to group on the bed. One wall will house trees, animals and some blackboard stickers.