According to experts, the deadline is often very important for those who buy a property. So do not have too much time to vacate your property and hand it over. The earlier it is delivered after the purchase is closed, the better. Do not be intransigent with payment methods and visiting times. It is not just wikipedia from where you need to know about the property purchase.

Your property undergoes a lot of competition from similar properties in the same neighbourhood and sometimes even in the same condominium. It pays to be flexible with the payment methods and accept instalments or financing.


Another thing that can make selling difficult is a lot of restriction when visiting the property. Most potential buyers visit real estate before and after work and on weekends. It is a good idea, therefore, to accept visits outside business hours, on specific time zones and days, for example, on Saturdays.

However, be aware of security measures. It is important to know who is interested, and he should come with an identity document and accompanied by a broker.

But limit the visitation to times when the property is presentable

The occupation of the property by the owner or the tenant can either help or hinder the sale. If the apartment is well decorated, it helps with the sale. Buyer candidates do not have much sense of space when the property is empty. That is why developers incorporate decorated apartments.

He also reminds that preference should be given to marking visits on days and times when the property is tidy and presentable. And avoid inconvenient schedules for the resident. You have to schedule times when the apartment is beautiful to see.

Hire a single real estate agent

It is advisable to hire a good real estate agent to take care of the process of selling a property, especially if you have little time available. This way, you avoid receiving hundreds of calls, most of which will be from people with no real conditions to buy your property or from brokers offering services. Here’s how to take good advantage of real estate, being a buyer or seller.

The real estate will take care of emails and links, legal issues, marking and follow-up of visits, the suitability of interested parties to advertised properties and the dissemination of your product in the most appropriate channels. According to experts, the idea is to contract a single real estate, for a period that can go from 90 to 120 days.

When you advertise in various real estate, none of them works your property right. One fears to have the client ‘stolen’ by the other after taking him to visit the property, and they are afraid to mark the visit and the property has already been sold by the other, explains property experts.

In addition to verifying the suitability of real estate and brokers, it is fundamental to choose a company that makes good disclosure through the internet, and that is specialised in the type of property you want to sell and in your region.

According to property sellers, the seller does not have to worry about losing the potential customers of another real estate. Real estate companies are pragmatic. If another real estate company appears with a potential client, it will make a sales effort together with yours, and the two will share the brokerage, explains the expert.