Qm is calculated by multiplying 100-150 watts for each person by their number in the room. In this case, it is necessary to constantly be in the room. If people are active in it (for example, play sports), then Qm should be taken at the upper threshold – 150 watts. And for a bedroom or living room, where a person usually lies or sits in a calm state, 100 watts is quite enough.

Explosion Proof Air Conditioner

To calculate Qt, it is necessary to summarize the rated power of the equipment (TV, computer, lighting, etc.) and multiply them by a factor of 0.3.for For the Explosion Proof Air Conditioner this is important now.

Power air conditioners

How to calculate the power of the air conditioner taking into account the area of ​​the room

The total Qp will reflect the required power of the acquired climate technology. Plus, it’s worth adding another 10-15% in reserve to the calculated figure. And already with these data, you can go to the store to pick up air conditioning in an apartment or cottage to buy it.

Power consumption

What do the numbers on air conditioners mean?

Other important functions

Before you begin to choose an air conditioner by brand and power, you should decide on the necessary functionality. Manufacturers now offer climate control equipment with a wide variety of automation and additional functions. All companies involved in the development of such equipment seek to offer their customers something unique.

Useful features

Useful features when choosing air conditioners

When choosing an air conditioner, you need to consider the need for it:

  • the regime not only on “COOLING” but also on “HEATING”
  • systems of ionization, purification and drainage (humidification) of air
  • subsystems of self-diagnosis and self-cleaning
  • IR motion sensor to automatically turn off equipment when people leave their premises
  • turbo mode to quickly lower the temperature in the room
  • timer for setting various operating modes.

Another nuance is the completion of an air conditioner for a cottage and an apartment with an inverter. This device is designed for the soft start of the compressor. With it, the electric motor lasts much longer, and the energy consumption decreases by 30–40%. However, such equipment costs more than usual.

Power usage

Energy labeling for air conditioners

Climatic equipment is rather complicated inside and requires good professional skills during installation. This scheme and the ventilation device in the bath with natural draft do not differ in complexity, such a ventilation system can be completely equipped independently. Air conditioners (with the exception of mobile options) are not recommended to be installed and connected by hand. Their installation should be done by a professional.

Popular manufacturers of the best models

Any division of air conditioning manufacturers according to the criterion of “elite” or “budget” is quite arbitrary. Now each such company offers a wide range for a variety of situations and at different prices.

Air conditioners in the interior

Here it is worth looking at the functionality of a particular model. The more capable the technique, the more expensive it is. This is not forced ventilation in the garage, which is equipped with a simple duct fan. Climatic equipment is more complex and expensive.

Among the best leading manufacturers, it is worth highlighting Daikin and Toshiba. These Japanese brands are renowned for their quality, efficiency and wide range of functions. But the same Samsung, LG, Electrolux, Panasonic and Ballu are not much inferior to them. And to pay for their models will require slightly less.

Durability rating of air conditioners of different brands

All existing global brands are represented on the market today. Choosing an air conditioner with the right power and affordable cost has plenty. Moreover, often a variety of additional modes and functions are redundant. Often, it is quite possible to refuse part of them by paying less for the equipment and not losing a bit in the end.