Any person can be treated and relieved by the chiropractic the chiropractor will adapt his care according to the age, the physical form and the constitution of the person. Generally, in terms of chiropractic, the popular belief is aimed more at adults with back problems, but several categories of people can greatly benefit from this curative and preventive therapeutic method for all kinds of different reasons. To know more specifically who can benefit from the adjustments of a chiropractor, refer to section Chiropractic, is it for me? For proper spine health this is important.

spine health

History of chiropractic

Since the dawn of time, humans have sought the means of treatment as much for total healing as for the relief of certain chronic pains. Some healers of yesteryear had what the ancients called healer “gifts”. Some of these healers were effective, but unfortunately, others, also known as charlatans, took advantage of people’s pain to enrich themselves at their expense.

In 1895, in the city of Davenport, Iowa, an effective time healer Daniel David Palmer, American, and not a charlatan of the time, relieved people and worked for about 9 years with people suffering from various painful ailments. Following an ugly fall, the caretaker of the building where his clinic was located had lost his hearing. After palpation of the neck, Dr. Palmer discovered a displaced vertebra and performed a manipulation to replace it. It was the first chiropractic manipulation carried out in September 1895. This story has a happy ending since the janitor has gradually recovered the use of his ears following this adjustment.

According to the theory established by Dr. Palmer, subluxations of the spine are the basis of many painful conditions and many health problems that can be either corrected or greatly relieved by manipulating the spine then allowing energy nerve impulses to circulate better in the body.

Despite the positive results, Daniel David Palmer was still jailed for a while for illegally practicing medicine in the United States. Subsequently, and from these bases and after a certain refinement of his technique over time, Daniel David Palmer still founded his own school which was, in fact, the first official chiropractic school, the Palmer School of Chiropractic.

Subsequently, his son Bartlett Joshua Palmer, who was then a reserve colonel in the United States National Guard, decided to continue the work started by his father. He developed the technique and adapted it to his time, which often clashed with the initial method used by his father. Despite the discord, the Palmer son opened his own chiropractic school in 1902 very close to the city of Chicago which was completely in accordance with the new modern American standards established for the schools of health in the United States.

Misconception about chiropractic Treatment

In many countries, chiropractic was long mistakenly considered quackery and took an enormous amount of time to be approved and properly regulated in order to offer people the opportunity to be relieved and cured by adequately trained professionals. For several years, chiropractic was unfortunately considered harmful and without any medical interest.

In Quebec, it was in 1973 that the Order of Chiropractors was formed to establish a training standard within the profession and above all to protect the public from charlatans. In 1992, chiropractic was officially recognized as a complementary medicine by the International Olympic Committee, but it was not until 1993 that it became a member of the WHO or World Health Organization.