You can play with the outfit you wish to use: Jeans and a sweatshirt, jogging pants, or clothes ready to be dirty. Two layers of clothing are enough t-shirt plus sweatshirt. Avoid wearing too much clothing as the use of the slippery shoes. Consider wearing gloves, a scarf and a cap or hat. Some wear specific sports gear for Paintball jerseys similar to those used by motocross. You can use an outfit from hunting, archery, etc. The law prohibits the wearing of military clothing or elements of current military clothing or passed in public. Camouflage uniforms are accepted. For the laser tag team building this is important.

In the bag

  • You can take bottles of water. Paintball being a sport
  • Where we run a lot it is essential to hydrate properly.
  • The consumption of alcohol is prohibited in the field.

A piece of advice concerning the midday meal, avoid a meal that is too heavy to digest. Why not provide a towel and a change for the evening before leaving to avoid dirtying the interior of your vehicle.

The risks

  • Neon yellow or pink hair for those who do not wear a cap.
  • A ball impact is felt more or less strongly depending on the
  • Impact area and can go so far as to cause a bruise.

Presentation of the material:

The Mask

laser tag team building

A mandatory element, it protects the player’s face from the impacts caused by the balls.

The Launcher

  • Mechanical or electronic element used to propel the balls using gas
  • CO2 or compressed air depending on the system used) contained in a bottle.
  • The legal limit for their power is 300 fps 300 feet per second or around 90 m / s
  • At the barrel exits: An electronic launcher can fire up to 30 balls per second.

The marbles

These are two solid gelatin shells often a starch, filled with food coloring and welded together. The composition of the mixture is non-toxic however due to their internal composition. It is strongly advised not to swallow it. They are easily cleaned in the wash. The balls must not exceed the barrel exit speed of 300 feet/second (90 m / s). Speed ​​can be checked in the field using crony radar on a simple request.

Game recommendation:


There are several typical paintball words:

Check: the player is checked by a referee. You cannot advance on him, nor shoot in his direction.

Out: the player is eliminated.

Clean: the player has no impact, he continues to play.

On the field

Start your marker only in the play area, during the game, or in the test area and unload these balls at the end of the game. As soon as you are hit do not remove the mask under any circumstances during the game. If the ball bursts on you or your equipment, you can no longer play. The game is over for you.

Indicate to the other players your elimination by shouting “out” so that they stop their shooting. Raise your launcher and cross the field with arms rose to visually announce your elimination from the game to the starting area. Activate the safety notch of the launcher and use the barrel bag which wraps your barrel or the barrel plug end cap for the barrel supposed to block the accidental shooting of balls, in order to protect people around you. Only remove your mask behind the protective nets in the Neutral Zone Paintball is a team sport. Be fair to opposing players like any other sport.