At home, you cannot do without self-adhesive paper. You can mark any containers with it: cans with seasonings or sunsets, boxes with small things and things by creating and printing stickers. Using images on such paper, you can decorate your computer, furniture and give a unique design to the room. From you can have the best choices now.

Adhesive paper formats: what paper labels are printed on self-adhesive paper?

A4 is a commonly used size for self-adhesive paper. From 4 to 66 stickers can be placed on one sheet. Their geometric shape can be a simple circle, square, triangle or complex. The image itself may have a notched outline for easy peeling. Color may vary. Paper can be sheet and roll.

Types of self-adhesive paper

Paper for the manufacture of stickers, in its texture is even and dense. A special glossy or matte film is applied to it, which performs protective functions. Good color rendering is characteristic of matte paper. In addition, there are no glares on it. When printing on sticky paper, it is important that the sheets are placed correctly and the print settings are taken into account. The contour around the elements allows you to use it as a separate segment.

What can be made of self-adhesive paper? In stores you can find a large selection of types and formats of self-adhesive:

  • For making photographs, most often I use glossy paper. It allows you to create a natural effect. There is also a matte photo paper.
  • Logos, barcodes, information stickers are printed on white, impermeable paper.
  • If you are printing products aimed at attracting attention, it is recommended to use bright, color, and even neon paper.
  • If you need to print a large print run, it is better to use glossy or matte roll paper.

The cost of paper depends on its size and specifications. To achieve the desired result, you need to take into account various factors and know what self-adhesive happens.

Subtleties when choosing the type of paper for printing labels

The usability of such a paper is obvious. Before starting the printing process, it is important not to forget to indicate what type of paper is used.

Important factors that cannot be ignored are what you need to print labels:

Type of paper: In order to avoid marriage in the manufacture of stickers, you need to check the edges of the paper. They must be flat and even, otherwise the printer will clog when printing.

Type of notches: To ensure that the image is easily detached from the paper and not damaged, it must be cut through. It is important that the sheet itself is not damaged.

Glue quality: It is not recommended to use a cheap adhesive coating. It can have an unpleasant odor and poor fixation. Good glue should not change its properties when exposed to high temperatures, and most importantly it should fix well and quickly. For the base, it is recommended to use acrylic glue.

Sheet thickness: In order for the sticker to repeat the shape of the object, it must be flexible enough. At the same time, this paper should be denser than written.

Special Sticker Printing Technique

A special technique is used for printing stickers on self-adhesive paper on a heavy and complex surface. Thanks to the thermal transfer printer, surface printing with irregularities and damage is possible. This makes it possible to print images on such material as metal, fabric, etc. With this printer you can make self-adhesive labels, logos, information stickers, text and images.