It is important to remember that fortune-telling on cards, like other fortune-telling, opens a window to another world, which is closed to a person in ordinary life. Therefore, do not abuse it and even more so turn fortune-telling on cards into entertainment or a means to take free time. Professional fortunetellers also believe that you should not engage in witchcraft and predictions on Sunday and Monday, as these days the cards often lie. With the voyance par telephone you can expect the best choices now.

Modern fortunetellers try to follow the basic rules of fortune-telling on cards. Otherwise, they believe, the cards will not only not tell the truth, but will also bring trouble both to the fortuneteller herself and to the object of her fortune-telling. That’s why a beginning fortuneteller from the very beginning must follow at least the basic instructions from the long list that real witches follow.

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Special fortune-telling cards

For fortune-telling, it is best to use special fortune-telling cards. If they are not there, you can take the usual playing ones, but before proceeding with the alignment, you need to plant an unkissed girl or an unkissed young man on them. Before guessing, the deck must be carefully shuffled, remove several cards with the left little finger and put them on the bottom of the deck. You cannot transfer your fortune-telling cards to another person since a special energy connection is established between the fortuneteller and the cards over time, the violation of which leads to false predictions. The cat presence in the house helps the fortunetelling very well.

Summarizing the above, five main postulates of fortune-telling on maps can be deduced:

  • It is best to use a fortune-telling deck of cards designed specifically for fortune-telling and nothing more in this sense, virtual fortune-telling is just perfect. Usually, a fortune-telling deck is used for fortune-telling, which gives the most accurate predictions. Do not guess the cards played they will lie.
  • Before guessing the cards, you need to shuffle well and remove with your left hand to yourself, if you are guessing for yourself, and if you are guessing to another person, you need to give the cards to him, also with your left hand to him.
  • It is possible to address cards with one question only once a day. If you ask the same question to the cards two or more times, then the cards will begin to disassemble, and you will not be able to get an answer to the question that concerns you.

Do not guess in the presence of skeptics.

If you yourself do not believe in fortune-telling, then the cards are unlikely to tell you the truth. Think, would you be frank with someone who does not trust you? There is an opinion that it is undesirable to use satin cards for fortune-telling when on the box in which the cards were sold and stored or on one of the cards “Satin” is directly written.

Purities to follow

The room where fortune-telling takes place should be clean and quiet. It is better for both the asker and the fortuneteller not to cross their arms and legs: this leads to a narrowing of the communication channel, with the other world, from where the fortuneteller receives information.