The word fashion related to five resemblance words is style, clothing, vogue, haute couture, and tailor. The word fashion is derived from the French word ‘fazon’ and the Latin word ‘factio’.  In this modern world, people love and admire fashion and apparel. In the 19th century, Charles Fredrick Worth has first invented fashion in the world. From 1858 he was the best designer for garments. Scotch & Soda is used for making clothes for people. In 1985 it was founded by the Dutch fashion Company. It has a private website for purchasing (scotch- Scotch and Soda is an opulence product over the entire globe. It was started for men collection.

Scotch & Soda

Fashion and Apparel:

In the contemporary world, people like to wear fashion and apparel for making them more beautiful. A broad selection of garments and also a variety of textile man-made brand are under fashion and apparel. When humans were wearisome clothes the fashion was started. The way of wearing a dress addresses people’s social position and their prosperity. It was made from plant life, mammal skins, and bone. Before the clothing was ready from homemade when the storefronts appeared and advertising, citizens ready to wear clothing and especially in fashion dresses. The household workload was detached by this system.

Paris, Milan, New York City and London are the four large centers of fashion manufacturing. China, Bangladesh, and India are the leading industrialized of attire and other prominent places like Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brazil.

Fashion plan conditions:

The designer first chooses the clothing combination and shade and quality. Through this designer make a fashion dress. These are the main things to make perfect cloth while sewing. The famous designers were trained well.

Before sewing, the designer fits the clothing sample on a fit model, and then to decides which cloth is fit for his model. The industrial designer moving parts with the design squad.

Types of designers:

  • Tailor: making tradition clothes to the customers; especially suits, coat,
  • Jackets and skirts.
  • Textile designer: making fabric weaves and printing clothes. They are trained in schools.
  • Stylist: making a dress for an individual patron. They are trained in fashion colleges and the history of fashion.
  • Fashion Buyer: The designer buys a mix of costumes from the wholesale shop and branch supplies. They were trained from the fashion classes.
  • Seamstress: The products are made in hand and with sewing engine workers in an industrial unit. They never go for any classes for this. Through the skills, they do this work perfectly.
  • Custom Clothier: It makes for the customer who given an order for his/ her clothes.
  • Dressmaker: Making for women’s clothing.

Difference between Fashion and Apparel:

There is some difference between fashion and apparel that is apparel is the informal wearing and fashion is full of stylish. Fashion is an art and Apparel is a mechanical making product. Both are unique according to their making. “Cloth devoid of style is Apparel, and with style is Fashion” now we can conclude fashion and apparel are makes people beautiful.

“Fashion is what you buy,

Style is what you do with it.”