Do you want to build a house? When you think about it or are about to build your own house, a dream comes true for many. But where do you start? What to think about and what is involved? We are happy to give tips so you can start the building adventure of your dream home without any problems. In the ibuiltmyhome site you can have the best choices now.

Take your time

Building your own house is something you probably only do once. It is therefore also important that you take the time to do this. Building involves many choices. The more choices, the more difficult it becomes to choose and without any preparation it can suddenly become very overwhelming.

Get inspired

Now that you have plans to build your own house, it makes sense to have a good look around for houses that appeal to you. Take a good look at the houses you are in and remember what appeals to you. How is the layout of the house and are the spaces large enough? Of course you can also get inspiration from the internet. There are plenty of beautiful images of homes on social channels like Pinterest.

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Ask for advice and tips

Ask advice and tips from anyone who has a building adventure on it or just like you are just getting started. The acquired knowledge and experience can help you further and prepare you for the choices that you still have to make.

Think of your dream home

When thinking of your dream home, consider the current and next phase of your life. And ask yourself what the function of the different rooms and the entire house should be. For example, do you enjoy cooking with others? Make sure you have enough countertop space or a spacious kitchen. Or do you like to relax, choose a spacious bathroom with a bath. Feel free to listen to the opinion of others, but put it into perspective. If you have made a choice, do not be convinced by doubts.

Make your housing wishes concrete

Make your housing wishes concrete by putting them on paper. Record everything, preferably in one place, in a notebook or on your smartphone.

Determine your budget

It’s no secret, realizing and building your dream home isn’t cheap. That is why it is important that you know your budget well. Get informed and advice about taking out a mortgage. It is also important to draw up a realistic budget, for example in an Excel sheet. Don’t forget to take less obvious things into account, such as connecting utilities, notary fees, any double charges and an unforeseen item.

Purchase building plot

When buying a building plot, a lot goes for it, after all, it is the beginning of your new home. So get well informed by going to an information meeting, request the building regulations from the municipality and see if the infrastructure like roads, shops, and railway will be changed in the future. Also see how the sun falls on the lot throughout the day and ask expert advice whether the price and quality ratio is good. It is smart to call in an expert when selecting the lot. It is very important that all your housing wishes can be realized on the plot of your intended choice.