The special texture of the material increases its strength for the promotional paper bags from the Shopper personalizzate . Qualitative characteristics allow you to choose a standard color of the material when ordering branded paper bags or give preference to an individual color model.

Cardboard bags

For the production of branded bags, in addition to paper, two types of cardboard are used:

  • Coated cardboard is more suitable for offset printing. This method allows you to replicate from 100 pieces of finished products.
  • Colored designer cardboard tinted in bulk is one of the varieties of designer paper. It has a high density. Silkscreen printing is used to print on branded cardboard bags.
  • Coated cardboard packaging is recommended to be additionally laminated.
  • Packages made of tinted cardboard are affordable, have increased rigidity. Ready branded packaging looks more like a box than a bag. But sometimes the design idea needs just such a solution.

Paper Laminated Bags

Branded paper laminated bags are characterized by good strength and reliability withstand relatively large weight loads, affordable.

Branded paper bags are in demand in various cases, if necessary:

  • To advertise a product or service, to disseminate information about the manufacturer, company, outlet
  • To present a present in an exquisite and original way, to present a gift.

Laminated paper bags have the following quality characteristics :

  • Stronger and denser than ordinary paper packaging.
  • Assume repeated use.
  • The glossy look gives the package elegance and brightness.
  • The protective film prevents the erasure of the colorful image.

Coated paper with a density of 170 g / m 2 to 300 g / m 2 or cardboard is used to produce branded paper bags with lamination. The offset printing method allows you to qualitatively apply the image or company logo on the surface of the product. Lamination protects the branded paper bag from environmental hazards. Production costs are negligible.

Kraft packages

They can be called the packaging of the future. In many civilized countries, ecologically hazardous polyethylene has been replaced with such paper bags. The scope of their application is constantly expanding. For example, such a six-layer paper package is used to sterilize medical instruments at temperatures up to +180 ° C.

The demand for kraft paper in all spheres of human activity is growing every year. It is used for the packaging of food products, for packaging finished dishes, culinary products and fast food. It is indispensable at exhibitions and presentations, in cafes and restaurants. It is convenient to place advertising information on kraft paper bags. After use, paper containers are easily disposed of, and their decay products do not harm the environment.

Shopper personalizzate

Paper bag manufacturing

With a well-organized technological process and the necessary modern equipment, there is an unlimited opportunity to produce custom paper bags with a logo on order in large print runs. The manufacture of products takes place in several stages. Technological differences depend on the model and design intent.

The sequence of industrial production of branded paper bags:

A corporate package layout is developed. Specialists choose the size and format of the product, the type of paper material, printing technology, eyelet options and the shape of the pen. All selection parameters are agreed with the customer. Design can be either standard or exclusive. The preparatory phase ends with the signing of the terms of reference (TOR).