There is a distribution of energy resources in the impact of an obvious in the energy trade across the world. There is some important energy trade in other factors of energy consumption level of domestic. If there are energy resources in the country but it also has an energy consumption of the domestic level. They may expert little energy to be export. Low level of energy consumption level in the country but it may extend a net exporter despite the level of the energy in the low level of the natural resource. There is a geopolitical influence of energy trade.  For example, fuel sources of the countries wanted Houston Electricity Plans to maintain energy level security in the future.

There are two charts are graphed imports and exports of their energy by both income level and region. You may select some countries to compare energy rates. The import and export may measure the energy level of their percentage in the use of domestic energy. The percentage should be positive in indicates the country or region. Positive net importer energy or negative net importer energy. It has a high income collectively income in a collective income of five percent of energy. they have the terms of income level in the distinct flow of energy resources in the middle income of low, middle, and upper income to the nation of high income.

Energy consumption

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They looked in the investment of trends by which the renewable technologies in the largest investors are receiving and the chart shows the global investment in the energy source of investment. There is note large hydropower is not included in these figures. There is a switch between the relative and absolute closure to see the comparison of both. There is a crucial role in energy in the development of context. There is some energy to improve the living standard in the time of freeing the household works it may increase the productivity in the healthcare and service of the educational and the digital connection to be a local and global network. There are some attributes in the party of the fact link between prosperity and energy is not to be unidirectional.

The electricity in gaining access in the sources of the energy initial to be provided in gross domestic product. There is additional progress in the development outcomes that may be complex in the parameters of number may be improving at the same time. It is hard to be directly in the improvement in the single parameter of living standards. The relationship is found in a casual context and is true. No clear in the link between two however for most countries is an important relationship between energy and prosperity.  There is a strong influence on the choices of energy sources. There is a relative cost in its importance in the higher income of their countries. It is important in the increase of low and middle-income economies. There is a share in the population of increase in many countries to access the electricity and the resources of energy is a priority key and energy of the low cost is essential. There is a transport sector in liquid fuel of dominant energy resources in the relative cost are less.