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As a house removal firm arranged in Kent we are at this point allowed to work and we are following the public position bearing on safer endeavouring to ensure we monitor our staff and customers.

  • Expecting you are moving house inside the Maidstone Kent area, we have some heading on how we would be generally ready to manage to ensure everyone:
  • We will contact the family in advance of time to ensure that no person from the family is showing symptoms of Covid or taking cover. If anyone is, we will defer the move by Click Here .
  • We request that you generously ensure all inward doorways are open, surfaces and resources are cleaned with family cleaning things before we come
  • No work should be finished by a person who has Covid aftereffects, yet entirely delicate
  • We tidy upon entering the property and we will use clean towels to dry our hands
  • We will restrict contact with you and keep socially far away reliably
  • We will have adequate staff on your progress to not require family people to help us with moving monstrous things
  • We will bring our own prizes yet generously ensure we can get to hand washing workplaces, using separate towels or paper towels if possible, which should be washed or disposed of safely from there on
  • We resolve to keep awake with the most recent on the latest bearing on traveling safely

House Removals

Our inside and out need is the prosperity of our staff and customers, and clearly their families. The Government has communicated that all house moves should be deferred until after the Coronavirus stay-at-home measures are free.

Lamentably, we can’t lead house moves and stay aware of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) social isolating measures. In light of everything, we have taken the inconvenient decision to momentarily close down all house ejections until 14 April 2020, at the earliest. In the event that you see our vehicles about this is because we will help the NHS at whatever point required.


Everything in store with us will be stayed aware of and stayed cautious. There will be no change to our ability organization, security or insurance game plan. Unfortunately, we can not part with permission to any put things nor give any out-of-store moves. This is for your security and our own.

Office Support

The office staff are at present working from home anyway are open during common accessible time. If you have any requests or an inquiry about a future house cleaning don’t extra a second to call.

We have not played with the decision to close. Regardless, as both a reliable clearing association and administrator, we feel that it is our commitment to momentarily close down to guarantee the prosperity and flourishing of the whole neighbourhood.

These are questionable events for us all of us, by collaborating and noticing the Government’s standards, we would be generally ready to defeat this. We will continue to notice the situation, and we will keep you next to each other of any updates as and when we can. Much gratitude to you for your assistance and appreciation. Passage you well.