Who has not already lost a car key? This kind of bad luck is not uncommon and you have a service for that. This page gives you auto smart key prices, smart key, remote control programming and auto lock repair.

Dodge key fob battery

Opening the door without a key can be quick if you have the expert hand. However, if you do not succeed, do not try to force the door. The repairs will then cost you much more since it will change the entire lock and most importantly, will be your responsibility. Better to call a locksmith. Then you will have to call an expert for the Dodge key fob battery replacement process.

Closed door double tower

If you had taken care to close the door, you will have no choice but to contact a locksmith. Please be aware that the Assistance coverage of your home insurance contract can help you finance this service. At online-Assurance, for example, the locksmith’s fees are covered up to 100 dollars. However, be sure to obtain the prior approval of the assistance before contacting the professional. Some companies may also have partnerships with locksmith companies.

A word of advice: anticipate emergencies and always keep the numbers of your home insurance and your assistance company on you. Why not save them in your cell phone? Note that some blue card insurance can also participate in the reimbursement of locksmith fees in some cases. Do not hesitate to inquire at your bank.

The consequences of a loss of a smart key

The consequences of an auto lost chip key start at $ 90 to renew a smart car key for a mere duplicate replacement. But all this can turn sour if you neglected to replace it quickly. Indeed, today’s cars have more and more effective anti-theft devices. This makes key replacement procedures complex. One of the worst scenarios is losing your last key from their advice to hurry to replace the first loss.

It’s catastrophic

Unlike your first key that can simply be replaced, losing everything takes you to another, tougher procedure. In fact, any additional key programming requires at least one master key to access programming mode. So, you will understand that without master key, it is not possible to start a simple quick key programming. This is where you have to switch to full reprogramming of the car’s lock with a set of new keys.

Procedure when two smart keys are lost

This will require you at least the purchase of two new keys freshly engraved if necessary for the ignition barrel. But it is not far from there. These two master keys are new and unfortunately are not recognized by the car’s lock. It is therefore necessary to enter reprogramming mode of the anti-theft system called immobilizer. The English word is very evocative because it is true that you are immobilized. This mode takes time and specialized tools. In addition, it also requests privileged information requesting locksmith access.

It means that the price explodes then because reprogramming is not done in 5 minutes. They also contain waiting times to open the security portal in the module. Then you can enter the new master key programming mode. Once done, you will be asked to enter a security code like pin code or other name to access important security options. In short, you understand that all this is done with a specialized scanner for this task.