The risk management has to be broadened; studies have shown that over the years the condition has worsened. The floods are more frequent, and the damage is also increasing. Hence more concrete steps have to be taken to make sure that these kinds of situations can be prevented. Thorough scientific research on the kind of materials that can be inadvertently used to make the structure bear the brunt of nature better. It has to be known that more and more land is used up for construction and the loosing of soil and use of water basins for construction has been the major cause for such flooding. The property when purchased has to be strategically viewed from all points and construction of the structure should begin. We have to make sure that we make our homes Floodsafe .

How successful they were


You will also have to be aware of the history of the particular area wherein you can study the recent trends and discoveries of how the landscape has changed. The need to understand how we can make the buildings to adapt to the floods that would occur. This all boils down to design, construction and other approaches to make the structure hold up during the fury of the rain gods. The people who made a detailed study on the flood plains where structures were constructed in and around that area. The constructors had to meet the criteria for finding the right mechanism of beating the havoc caused by the floods. The damage and disruption of life and stock in times of high velocity floods. There has to be a way that would also allow them access to reach out to emergency services when even the best foolproof methods fail to take stock of the situation.

There always be losses either to life or property. There is a major interruption in communication and transport facilities too which can hinder from people getting help in such situations. A lot of it has to be dealt and after the water recedes, everything has to be built over. A huge crunch in funds and major even every year if solutions are not worked out. Ways have to be engineered to control floods and prevent or minimise damage as much as you could through the use of technology get this thing from happening. It was done long before in the ancient times, now this continues to happen and we are struggling to find solutions, though many of them having been suggested, yet how many of them are feasible or inexpensive to be commercially viable for people to implement.

Though some ways such as constructing levees which is usually done to protect farms and farmlands, there are other levees built to protect cities and towns too. After the levees are constructed they have to be operated and used as well as maintained so they function well during floods. But this wasn’t sufficient to cope floods with as there were times when the levees or dams became overtopped and this could lead to more loss of lives and properties than before.