A pantechnicon Van which is considered as a furniture removal van and it is drawn by hours. It is shortly called as panetec. It is used in a British company. For delivery and pick up furniture for customers. It is derived from Greek pan which means all and another term techni. Techni which implies Art. Establishments from the original name of a large in Motcomb Street, Belgravia in London in 1830. In a furniture shop and it combined in a picture gallery and which is in the sale of carriage Sizeable warehouse for storing house is in the southern half and other parts. In the early 19 Century, in Wiltshire and the family called Seth Smith family was a builder or property developer constructed much of the housing and a country area with the Greek style Doric Column though their client required storage facilities and this was a built on an awkward leftover. Service de déménagement en France international which makes favor for customers for the removal.

Service de déménagement en France

A Pantechnicon Van Design

In 1874 was largely destroyed due to fire, later it was established later usefulness of the van was developed still exists and other firms. The owners building behind it for been leased by the Governor Estates to cubit house and for a pub, the company is specialized. The small modern standard van was impressed largely by their own time and 12 and 18 feet and was up to 7 feet board, it came between the roof and the segment of a cylinder 8 inches is higher than the end to ensure the edges to allow stowage of extra time through the ensure to drainage for that it has broad round the edges. The board was cuboid below the roofline the body behind that it needs the space that required for front wheels when it turning tightly so that the floor was lowered to permit large internal headroom. Cranking the back axle downward as ina front make they’re achieved. Some of the liftings have been saved in the lowered floor and their features are used in the normal horse-drawn lorries and van it needs a high enough deck fit in the steering machine down it. the hinged door at the rear through that access was obtained. From hinged upwards from the level of the well at the tailboard on the outside. We can draw the pantechnicons through two horses in tandem. Tags seem to be allowed entry to narrow relative town lanes and that types of place are considered as the warehouse doorway. To control the lead horse to drive in a clear view of obstruction and it usually September n the front of the roof

Modern culture and popular usage

Pantechnicon words are used to coin the word the term truck or van, commonly and currently used in Australia which pantech in a truck or van on freight hull made or converted to hard panels. This gives a piece of rich furniture and effects which house was dismantled that are awful chandelier and dreary blank mirrors packed away from the hidden riched rosewood drawing-room suite and muffled in straw and the carpet and it is rolled up and corded and their small select the library of well-bound books and they stowed into wine chests and the whole paraphernalia and the rolled away in several enamors van.