A great question to which there is no single answer. Prices fluctuate not only for the plane but also for the car rental. Once you have bought the plane tickets, you tell yourself that you would be free to book the car right away. But we say to ourselves what if I wait to see how the prices evolve? On that, it’s up to you to judge. It all depends on where you go and at what level are the prices. Several weeks later, friends left at the last minute in Aberdeen: they paid the car rental 2 times cheaper. At the aberdeen airport the best car rental deals are there.

Who can rent a car?

A person with a license and still points on it can rent a car. Be careful however of the age restrictions: in general, the holders of the license under 25 years are subjected to some rules, and will especially pay more.

Also, it is essential that it is the driver of the car who rents it in his name, he will be solely responsible for any problem. Need a second driver? Prefer to register it as such, even if you have to pay extra. Also, inquire whether or not you require an international permit. It takes weeks no joke to get it.

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Should I opt for additional insurance?

You will find a great car rental offer you pay online and when you arrive to collect the keys, you will have the right to the fateful question do you take out additional insurance? Must we already understand the question of this gentleman who will try to speak to us in English and to whom we will answer in the local language? We found the parade, we opted for Visa Premier and Gold MasterCard, the expert can guarantee you that these are not rich cards and that they only cost a hundred euros a year. So to the question of insurance, we answer “no, we have a bank card that covers us”. But if you do not have such a card, check the conditions, the deductibles, what the insurance covers to be quiet. A simple scratch on a new rental car can cost a lot of money and ruin the holidays.

In which cases is it better not to opt for car rental?

In some countries, driving may seem complicated or even downright dangerous. So why bother if you can do otherwise? Educate yourself, and if you don’t feel it, find another solution. In general, you always have the possibility of taking public transport in train or bus or even in countries like Asia, they are super run with small tourist buses which bring you from point A to point B For example, we rented a car in Mauritius, driving could make you sweaty, opt for a taxi or day trips where you will be picked up from your hotel.

Choose from our cheapest rental cars

Planning your stay in advance has many advantages. In particular, we have more alternatives and we can choose the offer that best fits our budget and our needs. Also, remember that renting a car several weeks in advance will allow you to enjoy your stay with confidence. Once on the island, you will no longer have to pay a lot of money on transportation. You will be able to better control your budget per week.