There is nothing more annoying than to realize that the wine that took 15 minutes to choose from a specialty store is corked well if: have paid the bottle a fortune. And yes: choosing a good wine, it can turn to the puzzle when you are neophyte between the colors, the vintages, the appellations, the mentions to which one understands nothing. Having the taste of pago de Carraovejas is different also.

Pay attention to the container

pago de Carraovejas

We know that in life we ​​must not always trust appearances but in terms of wine, yes, it must. So if you want to make sure you get the most out of your palate, you do not want cardboard packaging, especially plastic wine bottles. In order not to be mistaken, we will wisely stay with the glass bottles.

Read carefully

A little advice when you do not know about wine and you want to make sure of the quality of the bottle that you have in hand: you will go in search of certain mentions on the label. If you see: “bottled on the property”, “AOC”, an “R” on the capsule bottled by the harvester, we can buy without risk of ending up with a picket.

Already, because all the competitions are not equal and do not have the same prestige, but especially because all the producers do not bother to take part in it. That one reassures oneself, some medals are when same pledge of top quality, like that of the general agricultural competition, that of the contest of the wines of Mâcon, or that of the contest of Bordeaux.

Follow the advice of a specialist

If wine and we are two, it’s better not to try the devil. Rather than go to the pifometer, if we let ourselves be guided by a real wine specialist? In our neighborhood, there is necessarily a small wine cellar that will be happy to help us choose one or more. Good bottle, according to our tastes, the occasion, but also our budget. Do not panic: the main mission of a wine merchant is not to sell us expensive bottles, but to make us discover flavors.

Do not trust the price

In terms of wine, we tend to think that “the more expensive it is the better”. Attention: the high price of a bottle of wine does not necessarily mean that it is a vintage of quality. You can find very good wines at 5 dollars, and be particularly disappointed with a bottle bought out price because the taste is not what you expected, because the wine does not agree with the cooked dish, because you opened the bottle too soon. So before cracking for a great vintage, get information.

The perfect wine pairing

Choosing a wine is also choosing a wine perfectly suited to the meal that we will enjoy. Well, there is already a rule of thumb in terms of food and wine pairing: the more the dish is made, the lighter the wine must be. Then there are some unconditional agreements. If you hesitate or you do not know too much what texture or flavor to favor, again, ask for advice.