Fishing is famous in the regions wherever the water is stored or in a flow of water. The sport of catching fishes are known as fishing. Fishes give body strength, calmness, and it helps to boost up the immune system of human beings. It also teaches the lesson about a person’s self-reliance. This article is to know about the one of its type of salmon fish in the following paragraphs

There are both pros and cons in fishing

Advantages and disadvantages

Some of the advantages of fishing are Fishing is done only by hard work and by improving coordination. There is a wonderful community in fishing but some have no knowledge about it.

Some of the disadvantages of fishing are fishing many and many fishes are caught for eating. So there will be a decrease in the global fish market. Some of the large organizations have announced that nearly 60 to 70% of fishes were disappeared.

Every fisherman should have their license to enter into the see and to catch fish. While using the net fishing method by misappropriating action other large fishes like turtles, sea horses, may accidentally die.

There are nearly thousands of fish species in this amazing world. We can see sharks, sea horses, dolphins, whales, in the sea, the ocean. And some fishes namely

Catfish, cyprinids, loaches, rainbowfish can be seen in riverside areas.

Salmon is a common species. It belongs to the Salmonidae family. They are more expensive. It can be seen in North Atlantic and in the ocean namely the Pacific ocean. Sockeye salmon is also a type of salmon fish the body of the fish is colored in red color. Salmon fishes are normally big in size. This fish gives rich protein and potassium. And the main benefit is it helps to reduce heart-related disease.

The fishes like salmon, herring are mainly eaten to get healthy skin. The person who took fishing as their passion the would enjoy their work. And they can wait to achieve what they try to do. It might be easy to say that fishing is so easy and it is the process of sitting at the same place for a long time. But only the Fishermen know how tough it is.

Fishing is done by using some types of equipment like rods, nylon wires, hand holder, floater, tackle, gear, etc… To maintain a correct stiffness the rod should be in a slightly bent position. If the rod be in straight if large fish catches the hook or tackle it pulls the rod with full force at that time the straight rod may break. So the fishing rod is kept in a bent position.


Here fly fishing is also one of the type of fishing it is easier than other fishing. The fishing is not made the same for all regions. There are different methods of fishing in lake or river fishing it is enough to take the slightly bent bamboo sticks for fishing but for sea fishing rods are needed. These fishing rods are made by fiber (wood) and carbon. The thickness of the wire is also adjusted according to the length and breadth of the fish.