Do you want to equip your home with a cooling system? We offer reversible air conditioning. It is a renowned air conditioning specialist in the installation, maintenance and repair of your equipment, guarantees you a professional service for the air conditioning of your home. Here are tips for choosing well and enjoying fresh air in your home. You need to be sure here with the ATEX Air Conditioners  as you can find the best choices right here now. You can find the essential deals right there now.

Select the right device for your needs

It is important to choose the air conditioning solution that meets your needs. Several criteria are to be taken into consideration:

The number of rooms you want to refresh and their size, the quality of the refreshment, but also your interior decor. Between mono-split air conditioner, air conditioning system that allows cooling only one room or multi-split air conditioner. air conditioner composed of an outdoor unit connected to several indoor units, each independently adjustable by depending on the number of rooms to be air-conditioned we will give you the best advice on the air conditioning system to set up at home.

ATEX Air Conditioners

Opt for a model in harmony with your interior

Why choose between performance and elegance? Interior decoration is important, and your air conditioner can perfectly combine design and freshness. It can offer you 3 air conditioner solutions integrated into your home:

  • The wall-mounted air conditioner, placed high, for the example above a door, will integrate perfectly into your interior in a discreet way
  • The duct air conditioner, built into the attic of your home or in a false ceiling, is the most invisible solution because only the grids through which the air circulates are visible.
  • The console air conditioner, placed on the floor or at the bottom of a wall will diffuse the air blown towards the ceiling before slowly descending down to cool the whole room

Take into account the acoustic performance of your air conditioning system. Silence is golden so a noisy air conditioner is imperative.

Fortunately, air conditioners have seen enormous progress in terms of acoustic performance in recent years. So you won’t have to choose between a cool room or a quiet room. By choosing silent air conditioning that generates a level which ensures a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere in your interior.

Control your interior at any time

Thanks to advances in home automation and it is possible to control its air conditioner from wherever you want, whenever you want.

The connected air conditioner will be your ally:

  • Economically by allowing you to remotely control your device and regulate the temperature of your home
  • On an ecological level, by limiting the use of your air conditioning system to your real needs, your connected reversible air conditioner will be respectful of the environment by its controlled operation.

Take into account energy performance

Thanks to the energy label and the energy efficiency class you will be able to evaluate the energy consumption and the environmental impact of your reversible air conditioner, technical progress allowing the devices to modulate their performances according to needs.