You must be at least one year of full-time work or 6 months, according to internal procedures and at least 3 months old at the current job. If you do not have a credit การรีไฟแนนซ์ history, the minimum age for the current job can be 6 months.

These are the main documents you have to present to the bank:

  • Identity documents in your original.
  • Marriage certificate or divorce sentence if applicable.
  • Documents proving that you have other payment commitments if applicable.
  • Income certificate

You are only required if complete information is not available as a result of the query. If you are part of the staff, you will need to submit the salary certificate and tax document with the previous year’s income.

Other documents the bank requires depending on the bank, the type of income and the property that will be mortgaged.

What are the advantages of mortgage credit?


For mortgage credit, you can refund your money at least 3 years and 35 years at the most. If you make a big credit, you have a long time in which you can return the money and the monthly rate will be inferior. So, spending will not affect your monthly budget.

Wide range of revenue accepted

As a rule, banks rely on wages when granting loans. For a mortgage, however,  you may have income from several activities, from salary to dividends, copyrights, pensions, daily allowances, even rents, income earned outside the country.

Debt is flexible

The degree of leverage will be based on your score, and your bank will set your monthly rate, also taking into account the number of dependents and active financial liabilities. The maximum indebtedness rate in 2019 may not exceed 40% of the monthly net income for loans in lei, or 20% for foreign currency loans but if the financing uses the purchase of the first dwelling occupied by the debtor, the maximum degree of indebtedness increases by 5 percentage points.

You can have co-debtors

Most banks accept co-borrowers. To get credit, you can get help from co-debtors, who become guarantors. Co-debtors can be both relatives like husband, wife, mother, father, brothers, sisters, but also a life partner even if you are not married.

You can make early repayment

You can make a full or partial repayment, and the bank will not charge you and will not charge additional fees, regardless of the type of interest fixed or variable. This is also true for First Home Loan.

What are the disadvantages of mortgage credit?

For a mortgage loan, the minimum advance is 15% for loans in lei and 40% for loans in dollars. Thus, the higher the amount of credit, the higher is the advance. However, higher advances may also be an advantage, as they reduce credit costs, which mean lower interest rates and interest. The mortgage can be regarded as a disadvantage because you will need the bank’s consent to rent or sell the property or to make changes to it that requires authorization.

Compulsory insurance

Banks always demand property insurance, which is mandatory. In most cases, banks also require a life assurance from the debtor.