Reliant Energy, an NRG company, providing affordable electricity to more than 1.5 million homes and businesses in Texas city. Reliant Energy is the most trusted provider in the state’s deregulated energy market, offers 24×7 customer support, bill credit for customer referrals, green energy options, and more. If we want to know about the Reliant Energy Rates , just enter the zip code on the web page and get all the plans for our area. Reliant basic power 12, Reliant truly free weekends 12, and Reliant truly free nights 12 are the most popular plans of Reliant energy, and all these for 12-month contract basis, and $0.111/kWh, $0.141/kWh, and 0.141/kWh are the respective price of those plans. Reliant energy is not the same in all the areas, because the plans included service charge, transport charge, and others.

Reliant Energy Rates

Some business plans also vary by area, By using the SaveOnEnergy website, we can get all the plans of different areas. Clear flex is the variable-rate plan that benefits customers, and it has no contract and cancellation fee. We can change our plan easily, and there is no base charge, also it is best for higher power consumers. 800 kWh and more usage customers always choosing this plan, variable-rate plans depend on the actual market energy rate. Another method is the fixed-rate plan, which costs the same price per kWh for the entire contract, and it never changes in its rate when the market rate of power changes.

Best plans of reliant energy:

Truly free night 12 is the night version of the plan, it is the very popular plan. This plan offers free power from 8 p.m to 6 a.m at a fixed rate. Truly free weekend 12 is another plan from Reliant energy, it provides free power from 8 p.m Friday to 6 a.m Monday. It is available in a long-term contract of 12 months. Secure advantage 12 is another plan, it is for medium to high power consumers. It is a fixed-rate plan and has no usage charge, we can use 800 kWh or more in this plan. Still, it has a 4.8 out of 5 ratings even having around 1.5 million customers. This rating depends on Customer service, Online accessibility, and business history. Reliant energy always gets perfect scoring in online accessibility, satisfaction guarantee, and business history. Reliant energy also got good marks on the P2C complaint score. For maximum flexibility, Reliant provides fixed and variable rate plans for short or long-term lengths, also free periods, and more. Customers can add green energy to their plans.

Businesses of all sizes can sign up for and customize a commercial and business energy plan with Reliant energy. With energy-efficient saving solutions and affordable rates, growing companies can power their business with confidence by Reliant energy company. Reliant energy also offering green energy options to their customers to fit all kinds of needs and homes, and businesses too. Choose an energy plan designed for an electric vehicle charging station or any effective electric option to put money towards green investment every month. As for 100 percent of renewable energy sources, Reliant energy provides solar and wind energy plans with renewable energy certificates. All these plans and rates are very affordable with rate and provide by best service by Reliant energy around Texas.