Search engine optimization (SEO) is, at best, really complicated and it is affected by many things. It is also difficult to know exactly how search engine algorithms work. Here we are going to go over some basic things that every website should take into consideration when it comes to influencing search engine visibility in the long run. You probably won’t see results in a day, or maybe even a month, and improving your SEO results always requires patience. From the authority hacker you can find the best deal.

Site Speed

The speed of a site affects its ranking in search engines. Of course, it also affects readers. It’s a good idea to use a cache plugin and to avoid slow plug-ins and remove unnecessary plugins. Google’s free Page Speed ​​Insight tool gives you quick and hassle-free speed information on your site. Take care of: Install a cache on the site, and remove slow and useless plug-ins.

Site responsiveness

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When a site is made responsively, there is only one site and address that works on all devices. This way, for example, external links always link to the same site, not to a separate desktop or mobile site, for example. When you are designing a website, do it responsibly or choose a ready-made responsive theme template. Get organized: Make sure your site is always scaled to the terminal.

User-friendly addresses and page titles

User-friendly addresses have been a standard feature of content management systems for some time, but sometimes you see sites where they are not in use. A good address is understandable and does not consist of mixed numbers and letters. If you change the address structure of an existing site, be sure to redirect old addresses to new ones.

Take care: Addresses should always be understandable and clear. Also, the page headers should be in good shape.

Sitemap and Lawn Path

It’s always a good idea to have an automatically updated XML sitemap. It is a good idea to enter a sitemap in Google Search Console. This is completely free and will speed up your site’s crawling with Google. In addition, the service provides a lot of other useful information. So it’s a good idea to sign up and follow the instructions. My site needs to be verified first, but the process is simple. Learn more about managing sitemaps at Google.

A crumb path is a Link path that tells both the user and the search engines what the structure of the site is. Take care of: An automatically updated XML sitemap and it’s a good idea to enter it into Google Search Console. Make sure your site also has a Ground Path.


The pictures are just like the text, and they also require optimization. Keep in mind that search engines can’t interpret what’s in the picture. If the images are not optimized, the search engine will only find an “empty box” on the site.

First, you should set the image file name as descriptive as possible. So it makes a difference whether the image attached to the article is named sunny-istanbul.jpg or jhdsbh68dsg.jpg. It is a good idea to edit the image name before adding it to the content editing system.