Coffee testers have gained years of experience in the general appliance sector, including large-scale, testing numerous machines, capturing aspects related not only to the practical operation but also to construction quality.

Product analysis has therefore moved on several levels, starting from the cost and the range in which the machine is placed, the functionality was analyzed and, at a later time, the construction quality aimed at ensuring durability in time. The best automatic espresso machine is now available, and you can opt for it.

The features that the best coffee machine must have

best automatic espresso machine

Before looking at some top models in detail, it is necessary to clarify the essential characteristics that the best coffee machine must-have. In other words, how can we make sure that the coffee machine we’re going to buy really constitutes a valid product? Below are some tips and considerations to keep in mind when choosing and buying the best coffee machine, for home or work.

Costs and types, how to choose the best coffee machine

Budget: The first aspect of being evaluated is, very simply, the budget we have. There are coffee machines of all price ranges and all qualities, from the most economical to the most exclusive models. The choice, in this sense, depends only on us and on how much we are willing to spend. Always remember to read the reviews only in this way will we be sure not to come across any nasty surprises.

Type: Another key aspect is the type of coffee machine that suits us best.

Is it better to choose a manual machine or a coffee machine with pods or capsules or again, a super-automatic?

The manual machines are the classic ones be they mocha or arm machines; they are the appliances we have been used to for years while the automatic ones involve grinding the grains and preparing the coffee without any work on our part.

Those with pods and capsules do not deserve many explanations, but interesting could be the difference between pods and capsules. The pod is a wrapper made of cellulose paper while the capsule is made of aluminium or plastic. The quality of the coffee depends on the tastes.

Also, in this case, the criterion of choice is the use we are going to make. If we are chronic coffee consumers and don’t want to waste time, the best solution is an automatic coffee machine, the most practical and fastest possible. Conversely, if for us coffee is a moment of reflection and detachment from the care of the daily routine, we can opt for a manual coffee machine, of a quality comparable to that of the bar.

Still, on the subject of costs, we also evaluate how much the maintenance of the coffee machine will cost us. The manual machines are more subject to wear in the long run, but otherwise, they are easily cleaned, even if it is necessary to periodically provide for descaling. Automatic coffee machines or pods machines may not be very practical to clean.

Coffee quality in relation to the type of machine

Do we prefer regular coffee or espresso? In the latter case, we will be more oriented towards coffee pods machines, which are also the most widespread and among the most practical to use.