Do not destroy your new hockey equipment by bad treatment. Expert sends you in the majority with tips and tricks on how to maintain the hockey equipment so that it will last as long as possible to the satisfaction of you and your family fund. The sports enthusiasts will find a great variation of Ice hockey Equipment in one single online store.

The introductory bullies of the series for hockey beginners provide tips on how to cultivate your hockey skates. Skating is a complicated discipline, so start slowly. In the first section of the section devoted to skating hockey, experts advise you how to skate with ice skates right after your purchase.

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Ice hockey Equipment

Put the skates in an oven or oven

You bought new skates, but before you go through them for the first time, you do two things:

Let the skates shape on your foot in a hot air oven. If you do not know how to do that, here is a preparation guide for you.

In the second row exchange the laces in the skates. The manufacturers are not ideal because of the length and also the material. They will probably cut into their hands, and they have low friction, which causes the skates to loosen. According to experienced players, laces without wax, also known as ordinary are 305 cm long the best.

It depends on the size of the laces.

The skates are formed, new laces are prepared, and you have to feed them into the shoes. Do not pull the shoe laces up. Take 1 or 2 holes – feel it. Your foot will not be so limited, and on the ice, you will feel freer, as shown by the more effective ice skating.

Finally, tie the shoelaces once around the foot in the level of the ankle when tightening, so get longer laces. The bandage gives you the feeling of firmness of the foot in skate but does not matter to maneuverability. Do not forget to make a knot at the end of the laces. The laces will not peel off when you take off, which saves your nerves.

Problems with pressure points from the skate solve a kitchen sponge

Several of you will press the front tongue. There are several solutions. If the problem does not solve the top two holes when tying, try some more advice:

Tighten the upper part of the skate less. Compensate by tightening the last circle around the ankle.

Buy a standard kitchen sponge, remove the coarse part, and shape the remainder to match the shape of the sore part of the foot, and place it between the foot and the skate. You may need several tries to get the size and width you will not press.

Finally, loosen the skate when pulling it out so that the foot falls out of the way. Do not pull it over your heels like sneakers. This will damage the posterior tongue, which will then press on the Achilles tendon. Not only is it a very uncomfortable and painful feeling, but repairing the posterior tongue is also nearly impossible.