In these modern times where communication is ever more virtual, there is a concrete message that never loses its charm: a bouquet of flowers, a flowering plant can communicate in a simple and spontaneous way, with the enormous merit of never be inappropriate. However, it is necessary to choose the right flower for every occasion: a love to conquer, a birthday or an anniversary to celebrate; an important occasion like a degree or a celebration to celebrate, they require attention to detail and a certain sensitivity in conveying the right message. The visit to happens to be essential here.

The etiquette of flowers was probably born in the nineteenth century when the expression of one’s feelings passed through a floral tribute, whose composition was often dictated by pre-established schemes. Today, the desire to say something in a special way to someone who is close to our heart does not pass through rigid models but some small advice can always be useful to hit the mark on every occasion.

Flowers for birthday and name day

Giving a bouquet of flowers to a loved one’s birthday or name- day is a small but impressive gesture. On these occasions, it is not necessary to pay attention to the color or species of flowers and plants – as long as we do not know the flower or the favorite color of the birthday – but rather to the presentation which must certainly be effective.

An original idea is to combine the bouquet with a gift: the combinations are many and can range from food to a gift designed specifically for her or him. Bunches of mixed flowers and various colors are also very popular (and suitable for everyone).

Flowers for those you love

Queens among flowers, roses are the great protagonists of romantic bouquets destined to amaze the beloved woman and conquer her. Giving red roses communicates love and passion that strikes straight to the heart; usually, it is customary to accompany the bouquet of roses with a jewel, not necessarily expensive, but as a small pledge of love certainly much appreciated. Here are our proposals


To make the engagement a special moment one can undoubtedly re-propose the custom of giving flowers to the lover. In this regard there are no precise rules, just choose flowers with soft and delicate colors: pink or white roses, don’t forget me, pink peonies, violets or lilacs. It is also a pleasure to give the future mother-in-law a floral tribute, as a gesture of affection.


Always present in great love stories, flowers are the only “jewels” allowed by Galateo on their wedding day.

Last Words

It is a good rule, however, not to send flowers the same day as the wedding, because the spouses would not have the time necessary to fix them and appreciate them. It is therefore a welcome gift a floral tribute the day before the ceremony or upon their return home. In the first case you can choose showy and important flowers, light-colored, white or pink, to embellish the house for the fateful day or an elegant plant; in the second case any composition of fresh flowers or a plant will do well, to wish him a happy future together.