The 100-centimeter steel ruler, however, shortened by 20 cm, was only for the ruler of the knife. In order to give it rigidity, a duralumin rule for the construction works was purchased. He also had to be shortened to the size we needed. When it comes to the die cuts for scrapbooking then it is for sure that you will be having the best deals now.

die cuts for scrapbooking

Now it was necessary to secure the ruler on the dual rule. Here, duralumin utilities, once produced by my colleague, made in the Union, once donated by my colleague, were useful here.

  • To better secure the line of the screw guides. At the same time, the holes for them were drilled with a slightly smaller diameter than the bolts themselves. This helped to screw them tightly into the board. In addition, fix the bolts with nuts with special bushes that prevent spontaneous screwing.
  • Above the line pulled the wing nuts, which are well twisted by hand. we put springs on the screws under the ruler. If you undo the lambs, the ruler on the springs will rise and your hands will be free to work with paper.
  • Note that for the selected length of the cutting line, even a rule of the thickness of 2 cm. After fixing the wing screws, you can bend it and, so that the sheet of paper does not slip, it is better to hold the ruler in its central part by hand.

By the way, to make it more convenient to position a sheet of paper perpendicular to the ruler, we additionally secured an aluminum corner. For his part, fixed from the working part of the ruler, he also placed an aluminum square with stops for a sheet of paper. If you solve this accent with a corner clip, then you can position a sheet of paper before fastening the ruler much faster.


As a substrate for cutting paper, we chose the glass from a furniture wall. Although it is better, of course, to order glass of the right size with the edges processed in the workshop.

On the cutting board on the working side of the ruler, we glued fiber sheets to align the vertical drop with a glass substrate.

If you need to cut thick cardboard, we use corrugated sheets as a substrate. The length of the guide screws allows this to be achieved.

Any Issues?

The only disadvantage of this cutter, which we cannot say, is a small effect of the rule on the guide screws. Care must be taken in tightening the screws to secure the sheet of paper. The reverse appeared due to the discrepancy between the diameter of the screws and the diameter of the mounting holes for the screws as a rule. But this is rather a design flaw, rather than a manufacturing technology.

Well, that’s all. You can use this device as a standalone cutter or in combination with a small manufacturing cutter. But this is where you need more accurate sheet matching.

The scrapbook is an album with cutouts, mounts and various collages. It is a delicate, handmade work and can be totally customized, making the piece very original and personalized. Here are some tips on how to assemble your scrapbook simply and with the right materials.