Platform carriage shall be offered for a stairlift installation to support the platform on the teach taffrails and direct the platform up and down the guide rail methods. The platform carriage shall be offered with handrails to the passenger for easy grabbing. The venue shall be finished with nonslip platform deck and ramp surfaces. A removable lockout cover shall be offered for the folded platform. When folded up, ramps shall be fitted to the platform access edges to prevent accidental wheelchair roll-off.

Stairlifts Bristol provider Pearce Bros Stairlift

The slope shall be raised and lowered electrically operated in sequence only when the platform has unfolded and at rest at a landing. Stairlifts Bristol provider Pearce Bros Stairlift Drive method shall be electrically and mechanically interlocked with the inclined to prevent the stairlift from moving unless the ramps have been raised and prevented the ramps from lowering during the stairlift traveling. Folding and unfolding of the place shall be maganetic operated. Means of folding and unfolding the venue shall be employed manually in case of malfunction or energy failure. Key-operated switches at the systems call stations at all landings shall be offered to permit the Stairlifts operations, including calling and sending methods, to become effective only when the respective key-operated switch is in the On position.

Structural Analysis

The structural analysis has carried out using any software by applying forces of individual portions and fixing at some important point for rollers, shafts & rib. Equivalent stresses on the shaft and equivalent stress on the roller.

  • As the diameter of the driven pulley, .which is too large.
  • Short service life.
  • I am slipping of maybe a Concern for users’ safety.
  • Hence due to restricted space considerations &
  • The above conclusions belt drive will not be the appropriate drive for the stairlift.

Outcomes of Chain Drive Mechanism

  • Lubrication needed.
  • Noise
  • Load-carrying 100kg.
  • Requires external housing.
  • Frequent adjustment requirement for slack.

The stairlift chair will be mostly the same as with a straight stairlift, but the track will instead be curved. The design of a Curved Stairlift is a challenging one, and thus, the different mechanisms used like belt drive, chain drive, and support and worm have many limits for Curved stairlift.

  • There is variation in the values of equivalent stresses on Shafts in the analytical & logic calculations.
  • There is variation in the importance of equal pressures on Rib in the analytical & logic.
  • The analytical analysis of results is found to be in the safe range & verified by logic. After the extensive study of different aspects of the stairlift, the following concludes can be drawn about the product:
  • Use of PMDC motor makes methods compact. It is lighter in weight and offers high torque at a lower speed.
  • For driving mechanism, rack and pinion could be an appropriate mechanism because of its smooth operation & it can take smooth turns around curves.
  • The logical calculation of results are found to be in safe range & verified by analatical.
  • Focus was on the modular design aspect while designing the system to make assembly Trouble-free and less time consuming during assembly and maintenance.