Care home

The person who used to prefer care homes needs a special carrying. The special age needs because of the person’s age or the person who meets with some other medical issues like accident etc… There are methods of care homes such as, dual resistance that is of nursing and home keeping. If the person his or her is not happy in the Care Homes Leicester  even it is relative or in a friends’ care home there are few more steps that you can provide.

CQC which is said to be abbreviated as care quality commission, this commission is like social services, they used to inspect homes and also provide ratings. In this commission, they don’t investigate the complaints in an individual manner which is against homes. But you can get contact and conversation with them to take a concern, which is to inform them as raising an issue of complaint on particular care home and for a suitable and preferable reason.

Steps to complain 

If you don’t like to stay in care homes, you can come out of that place and for the problems you gave in the care homes, you can register a complaint about that there are some of the steps to complain. They are,

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First step 

The first and as well as usual step is to move from the manger, that is complaining about the manager of the care home. This complaint may give you a chance for the purpose of speaking informally for the concern which may enough for the matter to resolve or if you need you can also write your concern in a letter.

Second step 

In case the home which you have stayed is funded by the council in the local area. If the home has been regarded with the council the problem will not be covered by the home you have to contact the council which promotes funds.

Third step 

After informing the councilperson, just wait for a day. If there is no more response or if you are not happy with the council response then you may proceed further. That is you can further approach social care and as well as to the local government who used to investigate this in a further manner.


  • There are some more tips for complaint. They are,
  • The copies of your complaint that is of any letters, emails that you have received or sent should be very secure.
  • You have to specify the reason, why you don’t want to stay? Happened? In this case, you have to include time, date, name of the staff if possible.
  • If you receive phone calls try to note or record the calls and as well as note the meeting with the care home. And try to note who used to speak and their replies about the care home complaint.
  • These steps and tips will be useful in raising the matter and also this may help you to check what you have done, what you have to do? What you expect?… This also helps in case if you have notified in court. These are the struggles you have to face in care homes.