The elaboration of the sim is the subscriber identity module or subscriber identification module. Sim card is used to store the phone numbers and receive other incoming and outgoing calls. A Sim card is used on a mobile phone. In the modern world, we cannot survive the world without a mobile phone so every people need a sim card. Sim card is subscribed to a mobile telephone device. Sim card is used to store the contact information and store important events on the mobile phone. Without a sim card, the mobile phone is fully wasted. The sim card circuit works under the universal integrated circuit card, it is also called a physical smart card. If you want more information you click here A sim card is made under a special serial number, a unique number was used to make sim card. An international mobile subscriber identity number was used for sim card identification. In India there are a variety of mobile sim cards are available some of their names is Airtel, Idea, Reliance Jio, BSNL, etc. these are the popular sim card in India. They provide a variety of offers to attract people. The need for the mobile phone was developed the only reason is the offers provided by the sim card company.

Types of smart cards

Sim card is based on the IC chip, there are many categories to made different types of sim cards. Mainly three types are popularly spoken among the people, that is IC microprocessor cards, IC memory cards, and optical memory cards. These are some common sim cards. There are three types of sim cards also available in the market that is regular sim cars, micro-sim cards, and Nano sim cards. Detail explains the types of sim card from the below.

Regular sim card

A regular sim card is a basic model for other basic sim cards. This is a little large size. We can use this sim card in button phones. From the beginning people use large size sim cards. The regular sim card is also known as standard sim card this sim card mainly use old phones. Nowadays standard sim cards are not used by people. Only rare case phones are used standard sim cards. This sim card size is a maximum of 25x15mm. a very rare case of mobile phone use standard or regular sim card.

Micro sim card

The micro sim card is fundamentally a usual sim remove the unwanted plastic approximately the track. The micro sim card is used most of the people in the modern world. The new modern mobile has had a space to insert a micro sim card. The micro sim card is mostly used in smartphones. In the modern world, there is 80% percent of people use a micro sim card. Some micro sim cards are attached to standard sim cards. People like to use a micro sim card for their phones.

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Nano-sim card

Nano-sim card is the most recent sim card this sim card is not popular in the market. A very small size of sim card is named Nano sim card. This sim card is no published in the market. There is research was going on in the market. The result is positive to compare types of other sim cards.