Specialists call on vapers with Naked Ejuice to be very careful about these e-liquids, it is essential to favor the choice of serious laboratories, known and also offering these products in bottles of 10 ml in accordance with legislation.

Without having expected TPD, some French laboratories had already invested in a qualitative and reassuring approach for the consumer. This is the case of Vincent in the vapes and Cirkus who obtain from 2016 an AFNOR standard (XP D90-300 part 2) providing objective guarantees of quality, safety, and information to consumers.

Naked Ejuice

How to vapor?

It is your style of vaping that will condition the choice of clearomizer and e-liquid. You begin and immediately make the step towards the direct inhalation worries you or you are an irreducible of the style cigarette, you seek a big hit and marked aromas.

Your choice will be made either on clearomizers of old design and in this case to e-liquid fluids, so rich in propylene glycol, or to versatomisers, newer and more recent having dedicated resistors for each type of vape. They are also the most economical clearomizers: lower consumption of e-liquid and cheaper resistances.

The choice of e-liquid must be based on a vegetable glycerin content of less than 50%. Beyond, you expose yourself to problems of dry hit burnt taste because the coil would be insufficiently fed, the insufficiently heated glycerin will foul all the more resistance and reduce their life. These PG-rich e-liquids are ideal for tobacco, mint, fruit and other simple combinations tobacco and hazelnut, for example. Versatile clearomizers of more modern design will accept higher glycerin levels giving you a wider range of choices.

Experts are constantly monitoring the arrival on the market of these clearomizers, but they are increasingly rare because many are now vapers that are moving towards direct inhalation. Direct inhalation is today the type of vaping most practiced, and it is not by chance, once crossed this psychological obstacle a new world of vape opens to you.

Equipment manufacturers are constantly competing to offer the most efficient, practical, watertight, largest or most compact clearomizer, and their common goal is to generate abundant steam to meet the cravings for smoking cessation.

With all these big steam clearomisers with large feeding windows, it is strongly recommended to use e-liquids rich in vegetable glycerine (50% minimum) to avoid any risk of leakage due to the fluidity of propylene glycol.

These liquids are thicker and often a little sweeter, but what a pleasure to generate large aromatic clouds. It’s an easy way to get away from your old habits and move away from classic flavors to more elaborate recipes. The big vapor obviously implies consumption of e-liquid proportional to the volume of vapor and decrease of the rate of nicotine.

The high volume of vapor generated by this clear / VG couple involves two things, the consumption of e-liquid will be important, and the nicotine intake will be too, it is, therefore, necessary to significantly reduce divide by 2 its nicotine usual.

Reserved until now for expert vapers, the tendency tends to be generalized to the first-time vapoteurs who want to orient themselves without waiting for a vape indirect inhalation with steam more consistent and rich in flavors.