The traditional directory allows discovering the phone number of a person from his name. The opposite is now possible with the reverse directory. More and more websites are currently offering this kind of service. But what is the utility of the reverse directory? The point is in this article with wer ruft an .

Use a reverse directory to determine the identity of the number holder

It can happen to everyone to receive a call from a number that does not appear in their directory. It is to cope with this kind of situation that exists among other things the reverse directory. The latter makes it possible to discover in record time the identity of the holder of the number.

Protect yourself against stalkers effectively by using the reverse directory

With the recurrence of hacking, bogus calls and ping calls, it is normal to seek to know the other person before answering. This makes it possible not to jump with both feet into the trap and protect you from the scammers. This is the interest of the reverse directory. This is the ideal solution to negate the fraudulent maneuvers of stalkers, and even to denounce them. Better still, anyone wishing to preserve his peace and not wishing to be disturbed by the canvassers, through the device, write their numbers on the list of opponents canvassing phone.

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Reverse directory to recover contacts in case of loss

You lost your phone and at the same time your contact list? Make life easier with the reverse directory, and do not rack your brains anymore to try to determine the author of a received message. In doing so, you will anticipate discomfort and blame when the same person calls you back or raises you later. You will have had the time to inform yourself about him or her and to put your exchanges in context.

Reverse Directory User Guide

The reverse directory is easy to use because to carry out the operation. Just go to a site that offers the service in question. This is whether you are on your mobile phone, on your tablet and even behind the screen of your computer. Once online, enter your contact number in the box provided and press the search name and address. The tool will then take over to provide you as soon as possible a precise and detailed answer: the name of the caller, his email, his mailing address and his profession. If the benefits of the reverse directory are not to present, its limits deserve to be known. In fact, the risk that some subscribers provide false identities is not to be ruled out.

The reverse directory, how does it work and how does it work?

Do you expect a long and complex procedure? You have all wrong. The reverse directory is even simpler than a traditional directory since you will have only one information to enter in the search module: the famous number that is not in your directory. Enter the ten digits, click to confirm and you just have to write down the name of the person who tried to reach you.