The first step, then, is to make Metal Signs stand out among the rest. To make sure that happens we have to resort to all those tricks that only a visual marketing expert is able to master. The visual communication studies, which began in the 1970s, made it possible for these experts to identify shapes, colors and arrangement of objects on a poster according to specific rules, which ensure that the exhibited object is noticed.

The Best to Rely

Metal Signs

Relying on these experts is the first step that we must take if we want to do a so-called branding job that is to build a story behind our business, which makes it indistinguishable from the billions of others. For this purpose, it is important to have a logo that is designed to be, first of all, quickly recognizable, and then makes it clear what we are dealing with or what we are selling.

  • The second step in building branding is instead of how we tell it, this story.
  • Second step: emotions, before the product
  • There is a story among marketing experts.

Once upon a time, there was a blind homeless man who asked for alms along the course of a city. He kept with him an excerpt from a box, which he used as a sign, with the words: “Help me, I’m blind”. He had a hat in front of him: only a few coins.

One day a marketing expert found himself passing by, who, impressed by what he had just seen, decided to help the man. He took another piece of cardboard, stood there for a while to think, then finally wrote: “Today is spring, and I can’t see it.”

The Moral

This story teaches us how important it is that the text to which we entrust our promotion, and for this to happen, must have two fundamental characteristics: it must convey emotions and be as clear and simple as possible.

Also for this kind of work, there is a professional figure, the copy-writer, but to have a good promotional message you don’t need all those technical knowledge as for the creation of a logo offered by a visual communication expert. You can, therefore, search for your idea yourself, but remember: you must, first of all, sell the emotion behind your product, before the product itself.

We have a good billboard: where to place it?

What distinguishes a billboard from an advertisement on the Internet is, of course, the place where these objects are positioned: physical and real for the former, virtual for the latter. And just as there are tips for placing banner ads on the Internet, there are also several where to place billboards.

Last Words

First of all you have to choose a place not crowded with other advertisements of the same type. As we said earlier, nowadays we are quite addicted to this classic form of an advertising message, and installing it in the midst of dozens of others of the same type can only lead to the result that this is confused among others, with the effect that is simply ignored.