It sounds like a very simple task, but it is not (really) any, hanging frames. So in today’s post, you will see an amazing video with tips on how to hang pictures.

It sounds like a very simple task, but it is not (really) any, hanging frames. For those who think only nails and a hammer do the job, better reconsider this idea. Also because anyone who has ventured into these bands knows the difficulty of being able to compose a mix of frames without one of them being crooked, or worse, the end result is nowhere near the expected. The use of Dekoideen is important now.

And as we always try to lend a hand in everything that concerns the decoration of your home, make your life easier and make you happier, in today’s post we will give you some tips on how to hang pictures. That’s right! In partnership with the Decor, the newest partner store, which offers the most beautiful paintings to leave your home the way we like, charming and stylish, we made a video with great tips and took the opportunity to debut a new highlight on our Instagram, ‘Do It Yourself’. If you love DIY you will enjoy the posts that will roll there, with many cool decor and gourmet tips.

Frames in the decoration of the house

We know that for charming home decor, the basic principle is that it should impress the personality of those who live in the house. And for that, it is not enough to be careful not only in the choice of furniture but also in the decorative items that will fill the spaces and make the environment even more welcoming and original.

  • And if you have a decorative object that cannot miss in a house is the picture. It can be just one, diverse, no matter, it will fill and give more personality and life to the environment. And for a while now, those who are aware of the decoration trends must have realized that the cool thing is not only to have a painting, but several composing a true gallery on the wall.

And anything goes, mix styles, formats, colors and textures. Yes, because the cool thing is the result that this mix of frames provides, creating an atmosphere full of information that practically tells a story or a little more about who lives there.

But, after all, how to hang pictures?

Well, the chat is great, we have endless content to talk about pictures in the decoration, but we are here today to teach you how to hang pictures and make your decoration even more beautiful, right? So come on!


And as we have already said, this task seems soft, but attention, if this is not well planned, you bet, you will have a lot of headaches and rework ahead. So come along with us to check out a super cool video with tips that will be very helpful when you hang up your pictures. Take a look at the video below:

Well, now you know these precious tips on how to hang paintings on the wall it’s time to pick some barbaric models to transform your decor and make your environments full of style. And at Decor you find a more beautiful picture than the other, those who are super-trend when it comes to wall decor.