Online marketing is a must if businesses today are going to do well. Most people know that. We’ve listed five important online marketing bullets so you know a little more about how you’re doing better than the others. In the case of Brand marketing this is important now.


We have said it before and we will say it again. SEO: Search engine optimization is your secret weapon when it comes to being viewed, clicked and shared online. What SEO does exactly is to increase your chances of being seen. SEO influences Google’s algorithms, and if your texts are SEO friendly, your content carefully set up and your backend data correct, you will most likely get a little more around the web than usual.


Value is an important keyword in many contexts. The recipient will always have a subconscious voice that says “What’s in it for me?”, and if the answer is “nothing actual”, then one’s content will quickly lose its value. It is therefore important that you always have the recipient’s interests in mind when communicating with you and your company.


Brand marketing

Texts can be written in many ways, and for some, it may seem like just a hint whether “like” or “there” is in several places, or how the thread is kept in one’s messages. But it’s not just honing in, it’s a reading guide that makes it easier for your recipient to both read and understand the messages you’re trying to communicate. Therefore, read your texts aloud and make sure that the grammar and flow are in place. It helps both you and your recipient.

Duplicate content

It is extremely important that the content you put online is unique. This means that you have not “stolen” from anywhere else also called duplicate content. First, it weakens the credibility of using other people’s words, and second, Google severely punishes you for it. In the world of Google, duplicated content has no value, so they sort your content from in their algorithms. That means poor search results and bad karma. So don’t do it.


In part, links have something to do with SEO, as link building is good for your SEO. It creates interaction and makes your recipients move in your universe for a longer period of time. Furthermore, links also help to improve or impair the user experience. If there are too many irrelevant links, your content loses value, and if there are too few, you will not exploit the potential that exists. Therefore, find good middle ground and measure what works best.


Here it is about getting the user to definitely buy and there you have the opportunity to be an influencer. You can invite the user to have a non-committal talk, see more about your products in the web-shop, etc. Or in a slightly softer way invite more blog posts to download your E-book, etc.

We believe these tips provide a good foundation for your online marketing. I’ve linked to our other guides along the way, so you can read more specifically about the individual tools that have been mentioned. Here you can, among other things, learn more about how to get started with them and use them in practice.

How Do I Get Started With Online Marketing?

It can be difficult to see all these different disciplines yourself especially when you also need to spend time maintaining your business. Therefore, many people decide to outsource this part to an agency.