If you plan to make partitions, whether to arrange your interior space or to hide an unsightly wall, the choice of wood can be a good idea. And for good reason, wooden partitions have many advantages:

  • The price of a wooden partition is relatively affordable, and this is even truer if you make your own partition.
  • Wood is a very aesthetic material (which it is also possible to come or paint). It adapts to all interior decorations.
  • Wooden partitions are ideal for insulating a stone wall since wood is a naturally insulating material.
  • If you are a good handyman, it is quite possible to make your own wooden partition.

If it is quite possible to have a wood interior wall by a craftsman, you can also consider making this partition yourself. But beware this requires a certain know-how and a lot of involvement. Compare the rates in your region for the supply or installation of an interior partition. The use of the thermoally modified wood comes useful here.

Material for making a wooden partition

If you want to make an interior partition yourself from wood, it is important to gather the necessary equipment.

What wood for an interior partition?

First, you need to decide which wood you prefer to use for your partition. Depending on the type of partition desired, you have different choices:

  • For a basic and thick wall, you can use formwork boards, to be fixed against the wall with cleats.
  • For a quick partition to install, you can use wooden panels. It will then paint the panels.
  • For a light and optimal partition, it is better to use wooden paneling, to fix on a wooden frame.

The method presented on this page will rely on the use of paneling, which requires good knowledge of carpentry but allows you to arrange any wooden partition.

thermoally modified wood

Note: for an interior partition, the type of wood chosen is of little importance. Unless you want to install the partition in a bathroom in which case it is better to choose a wood resistant to humidity, European woods will be quite suitable. Keep in mind that choosing exotic wood species can significantly increase the price of a wooden partition, mentioned on this page.

Material for laying a wooden partition

In addition to the partition itself, you will also need to gather some tools and building materials. To make a wooden partition, you will need:

  • Wooden laborers,
  • Meter to measure,
  • Mason rule
  • Spirit level,
  • Pencil,
  • Hammer,
  • Electric screwdriver,
  • Screws and nails.

If you wish to insulate the interior wooden partition, also provide panel insulation glass wool type.

How to make a wooden partition?

Making an interior partition based on paneling or wooden planks requires a lot of preparation and involvement. We have listed for you the different stages of the work:

The measurement

First of all, it is important to prepare the location of your partition. The wooden partition allows you to cut a piece in half. It is therefore important to prepare well and to predict the impact that the partition will have on your interior.

How to take the measurements:

Determine the location of the partition. You can use room-scale plans to determine the best location for a wooden partition. Visualize the partition directly in the room. To mark the location of the partition, you can use a mason ruler and a pencil, or even a chalk line. With a spirit level, trace the locations of the partition to the floor, along the walls and ceiling.