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Bags and dark circles, what they are

Many people tend to get confused between bags and dark circles. These are two different symptoms that can occur singly or together and affect the particular area.

What are dark circles?

By dark circles, we mean that area under the eyes that takes on a darker or even bluish color.

How are bags and dark circles formed?

Physiologically, the formation of dark circles is given by the vasodilation of the capillaries of the lower eyelids. Dark circles can be seen as the antechamber of bags under the eyes: with the accumulation of liquids, the lower eyelids tend to swell and turn into bags under the eyes.

Bags and dark circles can represent an imperfection for the eye area, even if not always. Many characters from the entertainment world flaunt dark circles and bags without problems but are not considered to be unattractive.

Bags and dark circles, causes and remedies

Often, the best remedy is to eliminate what may be the potential causes of any disorder. In the case of bags and dark circles the concept is the same: better to go to the root of the problem rather than on the symptom.

For example, if the bags under the eyes are caused by an accumulation of fluid dictated by water retention or incorrect posture during sleep, it is better to sleep on a cervical pillow and ensure good drainage of liquids drink lots of water and consume less salty foods.

Similarly, dark circles can form due to an excessive accumulation of stress, lack of rest, allergy, circulatory disorders, fatigue, and anemia. So a healthy lifestyle, related to a correct diet, should counteract the appearance of dark circles and lead to a progressive disappearance of the same when they are present.

Speaking of bags and dark circles, some say that there may be a certain genetic predisposition. So can dark circles be inherited? No, in practice those who present a thinner layer of skin in the area around the eyes are more prone to have dark circles but not for this reason we can speak of genetic inheritance.

How to cure dark circles

To combat dark circles there are a number of very useful natural remedies. Strategies to combat dark circles provide the right amount of rest and a more relaxed approach to life.

Combat dark circles with cucumber slices and green tea bags

The use of natural decongestant remedies as required by the old grandmother’s remedies. An example is an application of green tea bags infused in warm water and then placed on the eye, or the application of thin slices of potatoes or zucchini, preferably cold.

Eliminate dark circles with natural clay

The pink clay is delicate enough to be used for the preparation of masks suitable for the eye area. In general, all the clay masks soothe the skin, eliminate toxins, perform an anti-inflammatory action, and balance the microcirculation of the blood so as to nourish even the most superficial states of the skin.