ball valves

Valves are one among the significant parts in any piping system. These help in controlling the pressure and flow of the content either it is gas or oil, vapour, or any other liquid. There are a few most commonly used valves in the gas and oil industry. Let’s look into some of these valves and the reason behind their use. ARV is nothing but automatic recirculation valve, and ARC can be understood as automatic recirculation control. The ball valves are a quarter-turn valve with rotational motion which uses a ball-shaped disk for controlling the flow. Both of these two types of valves are commonly used since they are multifunctional. But there is a primary purpose for using these valves. They are used primarily to ensure the pre-determined, minimum flow, and this is achieved through the centrifugal pump. These valves are necessary because centrifugal pumps usually get overheated, and minimum flow keeping is highly essential. The dry pipe may result in permanent damage. Inside the valve, holes present in the ball help in content to pass by being in line. These balls are usually made out of many kinds of metallic and seats are traditionally from soft materials such as Teflon. With this combination, ball valve operates at all possible temperatures like -200 deg C – 500 deg C. these valves are mainly in use for liquids, gases, and air. These are very easy to turn on and off, and they come with a tight sealing, low torque.

Bellow sealed valves

Here there are mainly two versions, one is forged, and the other is welded. Formed bellows are usually made out of the thin wall of foil inside the tube, and later it is fusion welded longitudinally. The welded versions are typically made through welding the washer-like plates together. These plates are made from thin metal, and these are present at both outer and inner circumferences.

Breather valves

These are also called as vacuum relief valves. These are specifically designed for tank protection. These valves help in preventing excessive vacuum or pressure build-up, which could either damage storage vessel or unbalance the system. Through the use of weighted pallets, it is possible to control the vacuum and pressure.

Butterfly valves

These valves are quarter-turn valves with rotational motion. These valves help in stopping, regulating, and starting the flow. These can be very easily and quickly opened. They come equipped with the gearbox. They are lightweight and are available in large sizes. They can cope with high-pressure recovery as well as low-pressure drop.

Gate valves

These are mainly designed to stop and start the flow, especially when minimum flow restriction and straight-line flow of the fluid is necessary. In most of the cases, these valves are kept either fully closed or fully open. When it is free, the disc present in the gate is obliterated, and content is allowed to pass.

Globe valves

Globe valves are in use mainly for cooling water systems. They are also used for transporting turbine lube oil and fuel oil systems. Globe valve comes under the type of linear motion valves, and it is used to start, stop, and regulate the flow. It is in use for throttling and isolation services, and globe valve is the most common type of valve used all over the world.