The business world keeps on changing in all the fields, either it may be in production or in marketing or even in advertising the main motive is to attract the customers to capture the company products. When it comes to marketing the company has several marketing tools are obtainable but among all Custom Printed Tape remains to the best tool for marketing. Since these custom tapes can easily get pasted to the product box with a custom design which helps to promote the business and company brands to a greater extent. If people are new to use these custom printed tapes often, they would be confused to choose the best type for them here are some of the common types of custom printed tapes used for the business purpose are listed below.

  • Standard custom printed tape
  • Premium custom printed tape
  • Paper custom printed tape

All the above types are mainly classified based on the material they made of and their utility.

Custom Printed Tape

Standard custom printed tape: This type of custom remains to be commonly used, and it is made with high quality of polypropylene along with hot melt adhesive. This makes the tape well suitable for all kind applications. Often the standard custom tape comes in two grades such as 1.9 mil standard use and 2.9 mil heavy duties. Most companies prefer to use 2.9mil heavy duty since it most suitable for heavy box packages which are more than 40lbs.

Premium custom printed tape: This tape is made up of polyvinyl chloride, and it is commonly used in many companies. Since, it gives high quality of adhesions, fewer noise applications and with awesome printing over the tape. These tapes remain to best choice to seal or cover the boxes and advertise the company brands and products simultaneously. The best quality PVC tapes are available in two categories that are in 35 microns standard one and in 60 microns heavy duty one. The specialty of using PVC tapes is one can get custom choice of color palette here.

Paper custom printed tape: The paper custom printed tape is commonly known as reinforced gummed tape. These tapes are made from recycled materials and remain to be the best choice for heavy duty purpose. Moreover, these paper tapes are designed in such a way that it can adhere to any surfaces which makes them give protected professional brand layer to the products. The specialty of this tape is they are water activated tape which instantly bonds with any materials or surfaces.

The advantage of using water activated tapes:

Although there are several types of printed packaging tapes available in the market and it is more beneficial to choose water activated paper tapes for standard use. There are several advantages in using water activated paper tapes like it gives permanent closure to the corrugated product boxes, while covering by paper tape it gives strength to the product box, cost-effective, always available in stock, easy to have custom prints, it provides tampering evidence and also gives a clean professional look. All these made the water activated paper tapes as a better choice for packing products.