Not in every place, the terrarium is kept open. Each type will have different nature by its growth. Open terrariums are commonly used. And while having opened bottles the plants can able to respire easier. But here the same procedure is not followed for those closed terrarium plants. By this, we can see some interesting facts about closed and Terrarium Workshop SingaporeWhen you start making a closed terrarium you should have a large glass bottle that has enough space inside it. The bottle that you have should be a drainage layer. At first, fill the bottom of the bottle using natural or artificial pebbles without cracking or damaging the glass bowl. Above the pebbles place a filter paper, cut the filter paper using scissors with a slightly bigger diameter of the container.

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Do the charcoal is added in both opened and closed terrarium?

Other than terrarium when the plants are grown naturally it does not need any filtration. But while having the plant inside a glass container it should be filled with a few charcoals for the filtration process. After completing each process make some adjustments only then while seeing from outside you could have better look at it. While reaching the substrate layer mix the soil that you add above the charcoal powder. It is important to sterilize the mixed soil for more than 10 to 15 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius. You can have more than one flower inside the container but the important thing is to have clear maintenance.

How to handle the plants after placing them inside the container?

Until filling out the container with sand, rocks, pebbles you can handle with your normal hand. But while adjusting with plants you should be very careful because if you made any mistakes while moving the plant it would tear the plant stem due to its soft leaves and root. So place long tweezers to move the plants. Without having real rocks inside the container will not give a natural feel, if you do not have rocks to place inside then have old tree woods to bring the natural feel for viewers. When you finished a range in everything you can add some water like distilled or pure water.

These processes are common for every terrarium but while preparing the closed container the cooled temperature should always be maintained inside the container. So, spray out some water bits around the bottle, while spraying you should not make the plant leaves swell. And this closed container can be placed in direct sunlight or nearby window places. Due to the presence of water around the glass or bottom of glass direct sunlight will not affect the plant more. But without scorching the leaves if you find it’s got a little bit too much condensed only at that time you can remove the lid from a glass bottle. At the time you opened the container will make clear evaporation. Till the 18th century terrarium is the most beautiful mini garden that is grown inside the house. Some people will have real plants that are kept inside the fish tank. Here the problem is while you should be taking care of the tank often or else impure water will affect the fish’s health.