Here we will learn about what is a power surge and how it takes place in any area around you. Also, we will learn about the warning signs that a circuit has been overloaded in the power surge.

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What is a power surge?

The standard household in the USA is known to carry a supply of around 120-volt Alternating Current power. The alternating current is the one where the amount of volt keeps on changing from 0 to 169.

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A power surge can also be known as a voltage surge, and this occurs when the voltage goes beyond 169 volts. This often happens for a very short time but is not that harmful compared to the one that takes place for a long time. A power surge can happen anywhere and at any time, and this is why you need to be cautious about it.

The voltage boost that occurs in the wires can cause an arc of electrical current in the appliance causing it to generate heat. This amount of heat will damage the circuit board as well as other components of the appliance connected. Once the main circuit board is damaged, it cannot be used again because the whole system is fried. This is why power surges are known to be very dangerous, and one should be careful of how one uses an appliance.

How does a power surge take place?

A power surge can happen or take place in a variety of different ways, and each one of them has the same result. One of the most spectacular is the one that happens when it is struck by lightning and increases the voltage.

The high voltage of electricity can enter your home through TV cable, telephone line, and any other incoming electrical line. If a power surge is happening, the light sometimes tends to flicker and give out a kind of hint to the house owner. The weather department has calculated that there are around 20 million clouds to ground lightning strike that takes place in a year. Each of the lightning that comes down on the land is known to contain around 1 billion volts of electricity.

What are the warning signs of circuit overload?

Given below is a list of ways in which you can easily identify that a circuit has been overloaded due to a surge.

  1. Your power supply keeps on shutting down because a breaker keeps on tripping and cutting electricity.
  2. Your perfectly good lights will start to flicker and change their brightness.
  3. The outlets and switches will get warm, and they might emit a buzzing sound.
  4. You will sense a burning smell near the outlet, and many appliances won’t work.
  5. You can experience a small shock or current when touching a switch or appliance with dry hands.