Internet marketing is also called as Online Marketing. Internet marketing is the process of giving promotions to brands and businesses through the internet. Online marketing helps businesses and brands reach people by driving traffic to their site. And also by giving the business sales and leads.

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Internet marketing is a broad term. Under Internet marketing, there are various types of marketing. They are like paid media marketing, that is running ads, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, etc.

Nowadays, Internet marketing has turned into another term called “Content Marketing”. This means that content marketing is the future of the internet marketing world.

Content marketing is defined as creating and publishing relevant, resourceful, valuable, and attractive content that is used to attract customers to the website.


Content Marketing is also known as Inbound marketing. The traditional forms of marketing through newspapers, magazines, and billboards are called as outbound marketing.

This generation says that they don’t actually buy something that is on the billboard and also they are not seeing cable So following the traditional form of marketing is useless because the audience you are going to attract are already with the mobile phones buying your competitors product who use the online marketing to promote their products.

Difference between Content marketing and Traditional marketing

Traditional marketing or outbound marketing is one-way communication. It is commanding and asking the user to buy their product. It does not provide any value rather than just pushing their products and shoving them into the face of the consumers asking them to buy it.

Nowadays, this is not working. Even if you are running an ad with something saying like “My product is the best” kind of. There are many chances that the users will skip to the next one avoiding you. Also, remember that there are many ad blockers that block your ad. So if you be annoyingly persuasive in delivering your message then sorry that you will be rejected even before explaining your product or service.

On the other hand, content marketing has two-way communication that makes it easier for consumers. Content marketers understand the needs of their target audience and publish content that actually teaches and guides them to solve a problem.

If the user finds the content relevant and helpful they will keep on coming to consume the valuable content you are publishing. This will make them share the brand which is organic and which will create more consumers and visitors. Your consumers and buyers will increase just by publishing relevant content.

If the user gains something then that means that trust will be built on the brand. When there is trust in the brand they the consumer is more likely to buy their products. They also establish connections. The main motto of any business is to establish a connection with their users. Content marketing helps you do it easily.